by on December 1, 2020
In our everyday lives, sometimes just finding time for ourselves is something we need. It's that 10 mins for ourselves that makes all the difference in this chaotic world. Taking out time and investing it into something productive adds more value to that personal time. And what better way than painting your thoughts? Nothing! Painting, let's all your imagination and creativity wild. And especially when you are using watercolor painting. Or why use it when you can view it and be mesmerized by its beauty? If you want to paint but don’t know how to paint, you just have to feel the colour and energy and then throw it on the canvas. Power of Colors If asked to pick a colour from an array of all colours, helps define what you're feeling. Any colour we choose depicts the type of mood we are in and the kind of energy we are surrounding ourselves with. That's the power of colours; they know you well so whatever you pick will be equivalent to whatever your mind is occupied with. They allow you to immerse in them and let them guide you into something beautiful. Colours define the artistics work in a meaningful way because color has its own vibration and its own wavelength. These paintings, while being so accepting, are enriched with such positive energy that these energies sometimes brush on you if you invest a lot of time on them. These colours are dominant in the sense that they push you into finding a real narrative for the depiction even if there exists none because the depth of any abstract art is unfathomable. Power of Indian Abstract Art Indian abstract art is an art without form because it uses visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. In other words, we can say it is the term used when something only exists in ideas and does not have a concrete or physical existence. This type of art sometimes objectifies real objects, living things, landscapes or anything that we see around us. Apart from letting your imagination go beyond its depth, it allows you to accept the painting in its raw form. There is no pre-decided format in which it is drawn; therefore, the artist has full freedom to paint anything on the canvas. Positive Energy and Abstract Art Even in this unimaginable world of Indian abstract art, some pieces are primarily known for releasing positive energy; therefore if you put them around you, you can easily experience their impact. These paintings are compelling because of their impact on us and the room they are kept in, even if you place them in your office, you'll notice that the vibration of the room is changed. This is due to the concept with each they are drawn and the type of colours that are used on the canvas. How to expose yourself to this world? You can begin by reading more about them through the internet, or if you're an avid reader, you can even buy books which decode such art forms. paintings for sale break each aspect of such traditional selling methods, even the mind map of the artist. And if this still doesn't fulfil your thirst to know more about Indian Abstract Art, then you can start visiting abstract art exhibitions in your city. They will take you closer to this art in its purest form. You can spend hours in an exhibition standing against a painting-trying to connect the pieces of its puzzle together. And once you know what type of Indian abstract art you adore you can then think of buying these art pieces for any space. Then these pieces will not only hold more value to you, but then you can actually in true sense spend those valuable 10mins in something productive like finding meaning to such forms and letting them take your imagination and you to a different high in life. Visit our website
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