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by on December 1, 2020
Just like Android devices, iOS gadgets also create issues, especially related to battery performance. iPhone users nowadays are facing battery issues like battery draining very quickly, the battery is not charging, not providing sufficient power-backup to the device, etc. If you are also an iPhone user and are frustrated with your device’s battery life, then we have listed down some important troubleshooting tips for you. Reset your iPhone Sometimes, restarting and resetting the device helps in fixing issues. If you also want to kick glitches out of your device, then follow these straightforward steps: Resetting iPhone 8, 2nd Gen iPhone SE, or iPhone with Face ID Here is how to reset your device with Face ID: First of all, click and release the Volume Up tab. Then, press and release the Volume Down button. Now, tap and hold the Side tab specified for a wake, sleep, on or off. Resetting iPhone 7 Follow these steps to reset iPhone 7 with ease: At the start, tap and hold down the On or Off tab by navigating the right side portion. Then, press and hold down the Volume down tab located at the left-hand side section of your iPhone. Now, hold down both the keys while the screen turns off and keep pressing them until the device switches back on. Resetting iPhone 6s and Earlier Here are the steps to reset iPhone 6s or older: First of all, tap and hold down both the Wake/Sleep and Home tabs simultaneously. Keep them held down until you view the Apple icon on your screen. Inspect iPhone Battery Usage Follow these straightforward steps to check battery usage on your iPhone: Get started by launching the Settings app on your device. To do so, you need to press the gear-shaped icon. Then, hit the Battery icon and wait for some time for the battery usage info panel to launch. Press the Show Activity option to analyze the overall power usage of your phone’s battery. If you wish to get the battery consumption record of ten days, then press the option “Last ten days.” Force Stop the App using Home Tab on iPhone In case you want to enhance battery life by stopping some rogue app on your device, then follow these steps: First of all, double-tap the Home button to launch the fast app switcher. Then, swipe the app upward that you desire to force stop. Tap the app card and flick it up. Force Stop the App Using Face ID Here are the steps to force quit the app via Face ID: Firstly, you have to swipe the screen upward from the bottom portion of the display and then hold the finger in place for a bit until you see the card-like multitasking interface on your screen. Then, swipe the app you desire to force quit. Now, flick the app card upward. Checking iPhone Battery Status Here is how to check the iPhone health status via the Settings app: First of all, hit the gear-shaped icon to launch the Settings page. Now, press the Battery Health option there. Restore your iPhone Pursue these guidelines to restore your iOS gadget as new: First and foremost, hit the Settings icon to expand the Settings page. Then, press the Reset option. Press the option “Erase All Content and Settings.” Tap the “Erase Now” button. Wait a while until you get your iPhone restored as a new one. Switch to Low Power Mode In case you want to save power for further use, then you can use the Low Power Mode feature on your iPhone. Here is how to turn on the Low Power Mode on your device: Initially, open the Settings page on your device’s screen. Then, hit the Battery icon. Now, switch the Low Power Mode option to ON. Conclusion Battery issues nowadays are looming on most of the devices, and Apple devices are not an exception. iPhone and iPad users are reporting battery issues. If you are also frustrated with your iPhone, you need not worry. Follow the aforementioned steps to fix your device’s battery issues. Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as . Source - How to Fix iPhone Battery Issues?
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