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by on December 7, 2020
Online consultation is on the rise. With the advancement in technology, availability of the internet, and Smartphone to the general masses, and the current COVID-19 pandemic, more patients are associating themselves with online consultation. The online consultation may be text, audio, or video call consultation. Through simple tips, online consultation becomes smooth and effective.
Tips for Effective Online Medical Consultation
Online Doctor Consultation( is a method to interact with the doctors for conditions that do not require significant physical examinations. Online doctor consultation may also help in taking the second opinion from the best doctors, not only in the country but all over the world. Online consult is new to most people, and there is an increase in its importance in the current health crisis due to pandemics. To make the most out of the online consultation, the patient should follow certain tips.
Choosing the best doctor
The patient should wisely find a doctor for online consultation. There are various doctors available in a particular therapeutic category. Choosing the best of them is a tough task. The patient should get information about the qualification and experience of the doctor. Another way of getting information about the doctors is the reviews and feedback from the other patients. If you are unsure about the right specialty, type your symptoms on Google, and find the appropriate online doctor for your condition.
Facilities required: You are consulting with the doctor through an online consulting platform. You may require certain basic facilities for effective consultation. The primary requisite is a phone with a call and text facility or internet connection. There should be no interruptions between the call and, voice and image transfer should be clear. Have a camera so that your face is clearly visible to the doctor.
Keep your medical history with you: In the initial phase of the consultation, your doctor will ask you about your medical history. Keep your past prescriptions with you. You are ready with answers to some of the general questions such as duration of disease, length of treatment, and the current medications. It will be beneficial if you can and keep all the reports in your system.
Get ready with test reports: One of the major disadvantages of online consultation is the absence of physical examination. You can overcome this by getting the reports of diagnostic tests advised by your doctor. Through the diagnostic reports, the doctor will be able to know more about your disease and its status. You should always ready with your test reports while having online consultation.
Sitting area: Your sitting area for online consultation must be comfortable and free from noises. There should not be any distraction. The light in the room should be enough so that the doctor clearly sees your face. Sit in such a way that the light on your face comes from the front. Overhead light or light behind you may cause distraction.
Be ready with your questions: Many times, during physical consultation, we go again to the doctor's chamber because we forget to ask some questions. This facility may not be available with online consultation as the doctor switch on to the next consultation. Thus, always prepare the question beforehand, which you need to ask the doctor.
Ask again: There might be times when you do not hear the doctor clearly. Do not hesitate to ask again. It is better to ask rather than following the wrong instructions.
Avoid interruptions: Do not interrupt while the doctor is speaking. This will give a bad impression and does not allow you to clearly hear the doctor. Speak only after the doctor stops speaking.
How to choose the best Online Consultation Platform?
The patients should choose the best online consulting platform that has a large number of listed and verified doctors, provides smooth consulting services, and has the facility to upload patient medical records and consultation chat history securely. The online consultation platform should be beneficial for both doctors and patients. DoctoriDuniya is one such platform providing a smooth and effective online consulting platform. DoctoriDuniya has the facility for generating e-prescription, which the patient can download whenever required. Another service of DoctoriDuniya is the NAINI( - Patient medical account that manages the medical history of the patient.
Through various tips, the patients get the most out of the online specialist consultation. These tips include choosing the best doctor relating to the condition, stable internet connection and good quality camera, a noise-free environment, sit with your medical record and test reports, and prepare the questions in advance for asking during an online consultation.
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