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The education sector has witnessed a sea change within the last half-decade through this new stream of learning resource – E-learning mobile apps. E learning mobile app is helping students and enthusiastic learners globally in the development of their skills. The basic formula of learning has entered right into the comfort zones of students’ homes via smartphones, as previously compared to classroom studies. Teachers, students, and parents alike are all praise for this new educational trend. They are being better proclaimed as the topmost learning resource for those passionate to study. This new method of elearning through a mobile application is in vogue today with schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions rapidly latching on. 

Elearning mobile app development is the prime favourite of the education sector with immense monetary benefits for future years due to this multi-billion business idea. There has been a burgeoning invasion of e-learning mobile apps on various online play stores for students to choose their preferred mode of teaching. According to a report by Statista, the elearning app scenario is expected to bypass USD 243 billion by 2022; and Research and Markets report states reaching USD 325 billion by 2025.

What is the need of having an Elearning Application Development?

The traditional teaching pattern of yesteryears was becoming monotonous. There seemed to be an increasing dissent amongst teachers and guardians towards the development of skills of their wards. Though some modern schools were initiating high technology class sessions, still something somewhere seemed to be amiss. The need for an advanced education system for honing children’s future gave birth to the concept of elearning application development. This new educating system broadened the horizons of advanced learning techniques and helped students to study better and achieve their goals. Parents and teachers can interact and have better insights on the go.

Benefits of getting a customized elearning app development:


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  • E learning app helps students to study anytime 24/7/365 and increases collaborative learning through online groups
  • Elearning apps provide seamless interaction between students, mentors, and parents
  • Teachers can track students’ performance regularly and efficiently weed out weaker capacities
  • Parents get regular notifications of their kids time spent studying, exam preparedness, and overall performance
  • E-learning app provides organized and advanced learning solutions with recent updates through videos, podcasts for promoting higher engagement of students
  • The complete study material and syllabus comes incorporated

Types of Elearning Mobile Applications

There are three categories of elearning mobile applications:

Students of schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, and online courses form the first type of category of elearning mobile app recipients. This fun based medium helps in enhancing skills and creativity, builds character and language learning, enriches problem-solving skills, and promotes better engagement, and improves thinking abilities.

Teachers from the next category are recipients of eLearning mobile apps which facilitate them for assigning classwork and tasks to students. They can also keep track of the student’s progress in real-time and collaborate with parents whenever needed. Teachers can send push notifications regarding class schedules or any other important activity to all students at one click and reduce their hassle of notifying students individually.

Corporate Trainers and Professionals can gain benefit through these e-learning mobile applications. Companies can initiate training programs through the eLearning app medium to impart training to their employees. This invigorates interest, efficiency, and productivity in the employee and helps in the retention of the employee for the future growth of the company. Employees can read and study during their free time via iPad or Android devices.

Salient Features of an E learning Mobile App

  • Particular role-based Dashboard for admin, teachers, students, and parents
  • Live classrooms have AV streaming
  • Documents shared between teachers and students
  • Discussion forums increase interaction among teachers and learners
  • Motivating students via leaderboards competitions
  • E-commerce integration for easy buying of books, videos & other study material
  • Tracking performance of every student through regular online quizzes and assessments
  • Chat feature for connecting students with teachers to solve queries and FAQs
  • Push Notifications for updates on class schedules, new materials, uploads, etc.
  • Multiple language facility to connect students and teachers globally
  • CRM Integration
  • Multiple payment channels such as Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, PayPal, etc.
  • CMS Integration
  • Real-Time Analytics for tracking user preference, behavior, and app performance.

Financial Benefits of e-Learning Apps

Recent statistics state the current rate of e-learning apps on mobile devices figures in the third slot and stands at 8.5%. Following marketing channels bring revenue generation:

  • Selling Courses and Certifications via Enrollment Fees
  • In-App Advertisements of schools, colleges, educational institutions, and their services
  • Featured Listing of various courses offered by educational institutions in top slots of the search bar of eLearning mobile apps increases the monetary generation  
  • E-commerce Integration for selling of study materials and stationery

Best e-learning Mobile Applications and Web Portals

  • Coursera
  • Edx
  • Byju’s
  • Udemy
  • Lynda
  • Upgrad
  • W3Schools

Wrapping up

We are all aware of COVID-19 and its repercussions in every sphere of life globally including the education sector. Government norms have the doctrine that social distancing is the need of the hour. Schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions had to shut down instantly. This has made elearning a hot property and safer haven for promoting education to kids and learners alike. If you are desirous of building a mobile application for your eLearning business, then there is no better time than now. Get in touch with a mobile application development company to hire an e-learning app developer and get developed a trendy elearning mobile app for your business. 

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