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by on December 8, 2020
Bearing in mind that air conditioners are one of the most expensive home appliances, users should follow necessary safety measures as serious HVAC problems usually occur due to user negligence. Regular maintenance and repair sessions for air conditioners are necessary on time, but it is not sufficient. In other words, instead of spending money frequently on repair services, you should try to prevent AC breakdowns. Here in this blog, we discuss why we need to keep rodents out of our air conditioning system. This is because these creepy creatures may cause massive damage to your valuable air conditioner, forcing you to contact AC repair technicians.
Let's explore how these rodents create problems for air conditioning systems.
They can chew wires
One of the most widely known AC problems caused by rodents is that it can damage electrical wires which is undoubtedly a serious problem. Therefore, you need to prevent those rodents from accessing the wires connected to your air conditioner. Covering the wires completely is the easiest solution to this problem, but you should hire a professional electrician for this.
Some of them can also block airflow
At this point when a rat or other rodent somehow enters the return openings, they begin to obstruct the flow of air. This places unnecessary stress on the cooling system, forcing the machine to work harder, sometimes resulting in a complete breakdown.
It produces an unpleasant odor
If rodents find shelter in your air conditioner, they will find an unpleasant odor coming out of your air conditioner only a matter of time. So, never ignore this because if the problem is not resolved in time, it can cause more damage.
It could be harmful to your health
Do we really need to tell you that having rodents in your air conditioning system can be harmful to your health? Yes, because the inner atmosphere will soon be contaminated with harmful bacteria on the bodies of these organisms. So, if you don't want to face situations like these, try to keep those critters out of your conditioner.
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