by on December 9, 2020
Are you still looking for suitable shoes for the coming summer? Then here is Ladies Chappal at ECS for you: the current shoe trends for the new season :-). 1. Jewelry Bling, bling! Pearls, gemstones, glitter effects, and metallic leather - these are the highlights that will adorn many shoes this summer and make you an absolute eye-catcher. Whether elegant or delicate, you could forget every time that these shoes don't belong in the jewel safe but in your shoe cabinet. With these models, every woman can easily turn a simple everyday outfit into a fashionable eye-catcher :-). Extravagant designs, high quality, unusual shapes, and special details make a very special difference. 2. Ibiza With the casual hippie look, you can quickly fall into the holiday mood because it is cool, trendy, and simply a great alternative for many summer outfits. With the different footwear, ranging from sandals to summer ankle boots, there is something for every woman. There are no limits to the style: There is both the rocky variation with fringes and the ultra-feminine look, which looks very playful thanks to braiding and gemstones. It is best to wear an airy dress or a loose tunic with a floral pattern and you have a perfect outfit for a nice summer day :-). 3. Wild ones Be careful, now it's getting wild! Leo, zebra, giraffe & Co. go on the attack - exotic for the hottest summer outfits. The animal print will never be forgotten and is in great demand again this year. Both sneakers and elegant pumps extend their claws and show an unruly style. This footwear turns every look, no matter how simple, into a skillful eye-catcher. Tip: Never combine several patterns, because that can quickly become very confusing! You'd rather choose a design and put it in the limelight :-). 4. Metallica This summer will be cool - but luckily only in terms of the colors on your feet! The combination of fine leather and soft colors is absolutely "in" this year. With metallic effects and sparkling silver, even a casual sandal looks elegant and glamorous at the same time. Last year, the metal nuances of gold, silver, and bronze were an absolute hit in the fashion sector - this year they belong on your feet! It is best to wear calm colors such as khaki and gray tones with shimmering shoes so that the focus remains on your new models!
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