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53 views – HP printers are used everywhere in the world as it is a common product used for printing and scanning documents. HP printer is very easy to download, install and setup which you can do from official website
Advantages of HP printer setup
Quick setup & installation
Power saving
Document scanning
Printing hard & soft copy
Duplicate copy of any document
Automatically adjust ink cartridge, paper load items
Guide to Download & Setup HP’s Printer Driver:
Follow guidelines given below to Download & Setup HP’s Printer Driver through
To perform any action on your printer setup, you can use the driver setup, which seems more helpful than access printer directly To access the Printer through design installed, select the document or image that you want to print and share it with your printer software. Select the print menu on your printer setup then make some of the initial change such as paper size, paper model mode of print and finally, click the Start Print option.
Setting up Printer Sleep Mode:
Sleep Mode is used to reduce the Power usage. Once the initial setup is completed for the HP Printer then by default, the device goes to Sleep Mode in 5 minutes, if left undisturbed. Use the Printer Control Panel to set the time for the Sleep Mode option.
Set up Sleep Mode Time:
Locate the Control Panel Screen, Swipe to open the Dashboard.
Touch on Setup.
Touch Power Handling.
Scroll through the choices that are shown, then Press Sleep Mode.
Now, you will be asked 3 options: Tap after 5 minutes or After 10 minutes or After 15 minutes, to pick choices.
Auto-Off Printer Mode:
Auto-Off Printer Mode is an energy-saving feature that automatically turns the Printer OFF if Printer remained inactive for 2 hours. Depending upon the Multi-Function Printer and the Network connection the Auto-Off Mode is enabled or disabled automatically.
Auto-Off is enabled if the Printer is not connected to a wireless network.
Auto-Off is disabled if the Printer is connected to a wireless network, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB or Ethernet connection.
Setting up Printer Quiet Mode:
Quiet Mode is used to reduce the noise levels when Printer is in operation; however, the speed of Printing is slow. Silent Mode Printing is applicable for plain paper having Normal Print Quality. Silent Mode is OFF by default.
Setup Quiet Mode from the Printer Control Panel:
Swipe the Control Panel and Touch Setup.
Touch Preferences and then Touch Quiet Mode.
Touch ON or OFF located next to Quiet Mode.
How to Setup Quiet Mode for Windows:
Click Start and select All Programs, Click HP and select the HP printer.
Click the Quiet Mode Settings.
Click On or OFF button.
Click Save settings.
Setup Quiet Mode using Embedded Web Server:
Open the Embedded Web Server page.
Click the Settings tab.
Locate the Preferences section and select the Quiet Mode checkbox to turn it ON or OFF.
Click on Apply.
How to Install 123 HP Printer Wireless Setup:
HP’s Wireless Setup:
One of the essential features of HP’s Printer is the wireless feature. To print or perform any action on your printer setup from anywhere you can use the wireless format available on your Printer You can directly share your document through your wireless-enabled device using an active internet connection. Before you could proceed with any of these function, you need to connect your Printer to wireless router setup and get started with wireless performances.
To Print from a Computer Wi-Fi Direct Connection(OS X):
Make sure you turn ON Wi-Fi Direct in Printer.
Enable the Wi-Fi connection ON in your Computer.
From the Computer try to reach for a New Connection. To pick the matching printer, select the Wi-Fi Direct name.
Enter the Wi-Fi Direct password.
Proceed to Step 6, if the Printer and Computer is wirelessly connected. Otherwise, for a printer and Computer connected through USB, follow the given below steps:
Open System Preferences to Add Printer.
Click Printers & Scanners.
Select the HP printer software from the list of printers and click + sign to Add Printer.
When the Add Printer Set up prompts for the network connection then select wireless.
Print your paper since setting up the Wi-Fi direct service.
Change the Network settings:
You will set up and maintain your wireless link using the Printer Control Panel and perform a number of network security duties. Changing Network settings is only for the convenience of the User and is not to thoroughly experiment to the level of advanced User. i.e., link speed, IP settings, default gateway and firewall settings.
Procedure to Print Network settings:
Locate the printer control panel and Swipe down the display to open the Dashboard.
Click on Wireless icon and open Settings.
Touch print Details to print the Network Configuration page.
Procedure to set the Link Speed:
The User can change the speed at which data is transmitted over the wireless network.
Locate the printer control panel and Swipe down the display to open the Dashboard.
Touch Setup and then Touch Network Setup.
Touch Wireless settings.
Select Advanced Settings.
Touch Link Speed.
Select Print Info for printing on the Network Configuration tab.
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