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by on December 10, 2020
Who doesn’t want to become a great businessman? All want to measure their profit in great leaps and bounds. However, very few people do the most important thing that is marketing of their product. May be the product is good enough, but we have to make the consumers knowledgeable about the features. People may think, excellent featured products, good sales service and equipped employees will bring good…one has to add marketing strategies to win in a business About 25 percent of the business men do apply effective marketing methods to advertise their products… rest of them try with age old methods and dream about high success, which is impossible.
In other words, every small business man should aim to be a good marketer .The marketing strategy should be included in the list of their daily activities. If it is in the insurance sector focussing on insurance leads then also the following points are very important.
The basic points which we should remember to plan the marketing strategies are:
1) The campaigns should be focussed on the clients, the thoughts of the clients, the benefits they are to receive, using your product. Once the client understands the benefits, they would ask you about the features of the product.
2) You need to craft a message in such a way that you are talking to your targeted and they feel it, and you dictate them the next necessary action to be taken.
3) Nowadays advertising has reached its saturation limit, and each person is hit by 3000 messages a day, as a survey depicts. To make a way out of it, you need to choose such a media that hits your targeted customer and engraves into his mind.
4) You should have your customer service ready, to make the whole marketing project successful. You should train your receptionist, the sales representatives, the operators, the service staff and telemarketers to look marketing as an attitude not activity.
Nowadays, the insurance sector has very improved much, specifically life insurance leads.
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