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by on December 14, 2020
In this article, we will discuss how you can improve the voice memo recording in iOS 14 on your iPad and iPhone. The Voice Memo app might not have received much attention from the users compared to Safari and Photos app in iOS 14; it still has a notable feature named “Enhance Recording.” You might already have guessed about its working as the name itself suggests that it helps users improve their Voice Memo recordings in the recent iOS 14 update on their iPhone and iPad.
Want to know more about its working? Follow the article to the end. Below we have mentioned how it works and why users should consider using it? Let us proceed further to know more about it.
Enhance Voice Memo Recordings on iPhone and iPad
The first thing you need to know is that the newly introduced “Enhance Recording” feature on iOS14 for iPhones and iPad uses machine learning to restrict the unnecessary sounds from getting recorded in the recording.
This simply means you will no longer have to spend plenty of precious time removing unnecessary things like background noise and echo.
Coming to its working, Apple has made it pretty simple and straightforward. The “Enhanced Recording” feature helps you easily improve the quality of voice memo recordings. This feature operates in the stealth mode under recoding, and this is why it has remained mostly unexplored as of now. So far, you must know where it exists, so let’s proceed further to use it. You may follow the below-mentioned details:
First, you have to open the Voice Memos application on your iPad or iPhone.
Further, click on any of the existing recordings or try recording a new one.
Then tap on the three dots appearing at the bottom left.
Select the option “Edit Recording” from the “Actions” menu.
Then press the magic wand icon appearing at the upper-left corner of your device’s screen.
Further click on “Done” appearing at the bottom-left corner.
You will notice an immediate change in the recording.
If you want to check the rectifications, you can click on the “Play” button appearing there besides your recording.
Quick Way to Remove Voice Memo Enhancements on iPhone and iPad
In case you want to remove the voice memo enhancements from your recordings, then follow the below-mentioned steps:
First, you need to open the Voice Memos app from your iPad or iPhone.
Then click on the recording from which you want to remove enhancements.
Further, tap on the three dots appearing at the bottom left corner of your device’s screen.
Then, select the “Edit Recording” option appearing in the “Actions” menu.
Further, tap the magic wand icon appearing on the upper-left side of your device’s screen. This will remove the enhancements made.
Finally, you need to press “Done” to save the changes that you have made.
That’s it! You will then have successfully removed the audio enhancements from your recording, and the audio that you will listen to, after that, will be the original one.
So, these were the steps with which you can improve the audio quality of your Voice Memo recordings. Afterward, you may bring back the audio recording to its original quality by removing the audio enhancements from it.
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