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by on December 14, 2020
This article will discuss how you can lock and unlock the screen on Netflix on your Android or iOS device. While you are binge-watching a movie or an episode of a particular series, you will no doubt prefer avoiding the unnecessary interruptions. Everyone wants to enjoy video-streaming without needing to deal with the obstructions that appear in between. So, we will let you know certain steps with the help of which you can lock your screen on Netflix while you are streaming any of your favorite shows. Netflix allows you to lock and unlock your screen, which you will certainly appreciate while watching your favorite TV shows or movies.
So, let’s proceed further towards the steps with which you can lock/unlock your screen on Netflix.
Lock and Unlock Screen in Netflix on iOS and Android
The recent update of Netflix allows users to lock and unlock their screen to avoid unnecessary disturbances. By locking their Netflix screen, the users can avoid accidental taps that would otherwise happen when the screen is not locked, leading to disturbances in the video playing.
Once a user locks his Netflix screen, he will see a lock icon appearing instantly, signifying that the screen is locked, when he taps on the screen. The video immediately gets sealed for uninterrupted video streaming when the user opts for the Lock Screen feature. Then, the accidental taps will not prove to be effective to pause or skip the current on-screen experience of the users.
You may follow the below-mentioned steps to lock or unlock your Netflix screen:
First, open the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device and start a show or a movie.
Further, tap on your screen.
A menu with a certain set of video customization options and playback controls will be revealed.
In that menu, you need to click on the Lock option.
Once you have followed all the steps properly, a Screen Lock icon will appear on your screen, and every other menu will vanish from your screen instantly.
Your screen is now successfully locked. Proceeding further, whenever you will click on your device’s screen, it will instantly show up a lock icon instead of the customization options and playback controls.
Further, you may unlock your screen whenever desired by just tapping on the lock screen icon.
So, these were the steps with which you can easily lock/unlock your Netflix screen to avoid the accidental taps from disturbing you while you are binge-watching. This feature might be extremely useful for those who belong to the category of hardcore Netflix streamers.
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