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The tree stand is mainly known as deer stands. It is a platform that set up in a tree used by hunters. There are three types of tree stands available. All the types are used for one purpose to watch the wide range of area and hunt the prey without making any noise. The tree types are Climbing tree stand, Ladder stands, and Hanging stands.

There is one difference between ladders and climbing stands the reaching way to seat. And the hanging stand is associated to the tree with the cable and chain

All types of stands are available in the market. But you can minimize your hunting cost by building a cheap tree stand. You can get almost same output from it.

So, I am going to discuss how to build a tree stand easily. Ok, at first take decision which type of tree stands are you want to make. I think ladder type stands making is quite easy and use it with less risk. So, we are going to share the making process of ladder tee stand.

The ladder type tree stand has two parts, one is the ladder and another is a seat.

First, we see the making details about ladder:
1. Lie two beams each 20-meter side by side with side facing up (2–inch)
2. For rungs, cut more pieces of beams. You will need approximately 14 pieces.
3. Place the rungs along the 20-foot beam about 18-inch intervals.
4. Use the nails to secure the rungs.
5. Fix the ladder against the tree.

Then, we are going to make the seat of ladder tree stand:
1. Select a right place to place the seat.
2. Cut a wooden piece for a seat, and then nail the piece with the tree.
3. Nail two pieces of wooden board placed vertically under the seat to a ladder.

So you can easily make a ladder tree stand.
Wish for your great success in hunting.
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