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Do you want to block a particular website but don’t know how to do it? You are in the right place. There can be many reasons for blocking a site. You may want to keep your kids away from some websites. There are many bad websites on the internet whose primary intention is to steal users’ data. Further, while the internet is making your life more comfortable and more manageable, it can be dangerous if not used wisely. You need to maintain proper security measures while using the internet. Educate your loved ones about how to use the internet and be safe from malicious websites. Many devices come with parental controls features, making it easy to track a kid’s web activity or block harmful sites. Moreover, today’s guide is all about blocking websites that contain malicious links, explicit content, etc. You will learn how to block sites through settings, parental controls, routers, and host files. So, keep reading this step by step guide to learn different methods. How to block websites through parental controls You can block a site through parental control settings available on Windows and MacOS systems. This parental control feature offers many benefits. You can customize your device with safe apps and sites for your kids. Also, you can block certain apps or software. Block websites in Windows 10 Firstly, you have to create a profile for your child in the system. To set up an account, go to the settings, and search parental control in the search bar. You can also find it through the Start menu icon. After finding the parental control, click on it. Now you have to open the Family & other people tab. And, follow the available add family member button. Then, click on the “add a child” button and fill in all the required details. Visit your Microsoft account and pick the “Web browsing tab.” You will see a box named “Only see websites on the allowed list”. Then you have to check it. In this step, you will get two different sections, including “Always allow these and Always block these.” Now you can allow or block a website through these two options. For example, enter the site URL in the “Always block” section and hit the block button. Block websites in MacOS You can also customize a device with MacOS through parental control settings. Here you can allow or block a website URL and also can do many more customizations. In the first step, you have to open “System Preferences.” After opening it, you have to locate a button named Parental Controls and click it. If you haven’t created an account with parental control, create an account, and move ahead. You can also do the required things with your existing profile. Here you will have to create a new profile because you want to prevent particular sites’ access while making them functional for you. So follow the option “Create a new user account with parental controls.” After making the profile, click on the Parental Control setting and open the tab “Web.” Here you can provide access to only preferred sites. As you click on the customize button, you will see a pop-up window with options like “Always allow these websites and Never allow these websites.” You can add the websites you want to block or allow in the preferred section using plus signs located below both sections. After adding the websites, hit the OK button in the bottom right corner and you are all set. How to block websites by altering host files It is another excellent way to block unwanted websites. By blocking websites, you can make your system safe for your child. Block websites in Windows altering hosts file Navigate the directory that has the hosts file. To do so, follow this command: C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc. Now select the hosts from available options and open it in Notepad by following the “open with” option. When the host file opens in the Notepad, you will get various text lines. Reach at the last line named “ localhost” or “::1 localhost” and hit enter to create a new line. Now you have to type and mention the website URL that you need to block. For instance, www. After making the required changes, you have to save the host file without making any changes in the file name or location. Block websites in MacOS through hosts file Firstly, you have to open the Terminal, type the command: sudo nano /etc/hosts, and press enter. As you press enter, you will see the host file in a pop-up window. When the host file is opened, you will see several lines of text. You have to reach the last line and hit enter. Type and make space by pressing the spacebar. Then mention the website address you want to block, such as www. This act will prevent one from accessing the site. After adding all the websites you want to block, simply save the file. How to block websites through router settings Do you know you can block websites through internet routers? A router doesn’t need any external program or software to block unwanted websites. Your home’s router works as an intelligent tool in blocking processes. Go to the web interface of the router. Here the pro tip is that you can find your router access through your web browser by entering as a web address in the browser’s search bar. Now input your username and password. While doing this, if you face any issues, you can go through the router’s instruction manual. Once you login to the router, explore the router security panel and the option to block websites. Generally, manufacturers provide such options under a menu named “Access Restrictions and Content Filtering.” After finding the right option for blocking a website, add the web URLs you want to block. Do not forget to save changes. These are the top three ways that will help you block websites for the well being of your kids and family. Through these methods, you can block any sites on the internet, which are harmful or distracting. Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. Source - Proven Ways to Block Websites
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