jeniffer leio
by on December 16, 2020
Printer Support 3D printing stocks are still rising in popularity, and after an impressive year for the industry in 2013, a lot of people wonder what’s in store for 2014? Since the beginning of the year, the opinions on the web have come in from various sources. So far in 2014 however, 3D stocks have consolidated quite a bit and it’s frequently looking like this could be more of a consolidating year in terms of growth for 3D printing stocks. The future is still looking bright for the industry, but it seems unlikely that we will see the same boom in 2014 that we saw in 2013. Does this mean there will be a lack of 3D printer stocks opportunities in 2014? According to this interesting piece written in January as a preview for the upcoming year, the best 3D printer stocks might not be the ones we know about. This pretty much makes senses because all the media is making their talks and predictions around specific companies that are now well known, and the 3D printing stocks with the most potential are still hiding undercover. And the strategy doesn’t come without proof. A few relatively unknown companies in the investing field made their mark in 2013. Two examples of such companies are stated in the article : Sigma Labs (SGLB) and Arcam AB (AMAVF). Heading into 2014, we would strongly recommend that you analyze the cases of these two stocks so that you know what to look for when you invest in such companies in 2014. In a way, they could be considered as the blueprint for what would represent a home run in 2014. In this article, I also like how the author refers to companies that are already known as “deceptively safe” because that might be exactly what they are. The companies that are in the mainstream talk are already subject to high speculation and could easily be overhyped. 3D printing is exactly the type of industry in which more people than we could ever imagine would jump on the occasion without making appropriate research. So in conclusion, the 3D printing field is indeed on the rise, but it certainly hasn’t kicked into full gear yet as some players are still making their entry in the industry. In early 2014, we saw some declines in some important 3D printer stocks like Organovo. More than ever, it’s time that you learn about the products and companies themselves before you invest, because one great move or idea can make things shift in the favor of a stock or another. As always, knowledge is everything as making a play on a stock only based on a few predictions and speculation could lead to nasty surprises, and even more so in 2014. HP is planned to make an impact on the market this year and this could change the 3D printing stocks market quite a bit.
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