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by on December 16, 2020
Every Naruto fan knows that the series often broke the new generation of shinobi out of their predestined fates. Even the titular character was not spared when he was labeled as a troublemaker because of the Nine-Tails Fox being inside him. Even Sasuke was too preoccupied with avenging the Uchiha clan by killing Itachi. It would be wrong to blame the characters for their choices because their actions were heavily impacted by the mistakes of their clans and bad parents. The Boruto series appeared to be going in the same direction. However, with Ino, the series seems to make up for the past wrongs. She plays a dual role, which gives Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura an example worth emulating.
Unlike the Yamanaka clan, who are adept at being sensory perception ninjas, Sai’s son, Inojin, was struggling with his destiny. Ino was well known for it, and even his dad too was a war hero and fought against Kaguya’s forces. Though Inojin is better at manifesting beasts from drawing just like Sai, he feels inadequate since he wants to learn her mom’s talents. Even though he is quite good at it, he still has a long way to go according to the chakra barrier tests.
Ino does not hide the fact that he is not good enough to join her unit but instead makes her son feel good about his abilities. She tells him that she is not angry with him and advises Inojin to focus on his strengths. The empathetic moment between them makes Inojin ask whether she would join the chakra project and close down the flower shop. But Ino declines because of the threat of Kara; she believes Konoha will need her.
Inojin feels a little saddened by the fact that his mother nurtures and steers him away from Yamanaka. Ino knows what she is doing; she doesn’t want his son to be stressed by the drama. Inojin can work on himself and improve. He can come later; there is no lack of opportunities. She doesn’t want to burden him with the responsibilities and results that she suffered in her day. It took her a lot of work to overcome these things. She wishes the younger generation to have a more peaceful future. She has developed a new outlook and model to help the younger generation of shinobi evolve.
It seems that Ino has worked out a way of parenting that even Sakura, Sasuke, or Naruto can’t come up with. They can, therefore, learn a lot from Ino, who seems much more compassionate and empathetic to the younger generation of shinobi who are struggling to find their place in the world.
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