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The roof on your home is so much more than the shingles or tiles that form the visible part. A good roofing system requires a solidly built roof deck that can bear the weight of the roofing material and doesn’t sag in any places. It needs an underlayer to act as a last line of defense when driving rain or tiny gaps in the roof allow water in. It needs flashing to channel water away from roof’s most vulnerable areas and towards the rain gutter system which must be well-maintained in order to get water off of the roof quickly after rain or snow. Finally, a good roofing system needs adequate attic insulation and roof ventilation. Here are four reasons why.

It can prevent moisture and rot in the roof deck

An improperly or insufficiently ventilated and insulated attic space can become extremely hot in the summer. This can cause condensation which leads to moisture accumulating in your attic space. Over time even a little moisture can cause serious problems as your roof deck begins to rot and sag and become structurally unsound.

It can prevent shingles from warping and cracking

An extremely warm attic space bakes the shingles from the underside while the sun bakes it on the other. Shingles that are too hot will warp and crack eventually leading to roof leaks. It drastically reduces the lifespan of the shingles.

It can prevent ice dams in the winter

When the attic is considerably warmer than the outside air in the winter, snow on your roof will melt and then refreeze along the edges forming ice dams that can damage your rain gutters and force gaps between shingles where water can seep through as it melts.

It can protect your roof warranty

Because all of these roofing problems are preventable with adequate ventilation and insulation, roofing material manufacturers can void the warranty on the shingles if a roofing inspection uncovers issues with the ventilation and insulation.

A roof inspection by a Spokane roofing company can uncover these issues before they get out of hand.

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