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In this section, we will try to understand why people, even losing the money back to the casino again and again? It so attracts and draws people the world of gambling? In this section, we would like to focus Your attention on different types of casino players. What types of casino exist? How do they differ from each other and what to expect if you have a player of one of the described types. Try to look at them from the point of view of psychology, to describe their thoughts feelings while playing in the casino. First of all this article will be useful to those players who are planning to visit a real gambling house in the near future.

The types of gamblers at the casino

I brought several types of casino players who were at different stages of gambing addiction. Some of them came to the casino for work in a condition of strong intoxication, and some only from time to time. But they always came back to the game in the casino. Let's try to bring the player classes, which are usually almost every casino. We will go from the bottom up to understand the dynamics of movement of players through the levels, depending on the amount of playable money.

Experienced Player

Perhaps you saw on the roulette table one of the players very quickly and professionally call bets and shouts the names of the series that puts the dealer. He deftly drawn with the chips and plays a secondary wagering limits. As a rule, professional players prefer to play with the dealer one on one. The reason for this is that they load it up with tasks to complete. Of course, they could have put chips on the corresponding numbers previously exchanging them, but then they don't feel like professionals.

This type of casino knows the names of all the series, the order of numbers on the roulette wheel and when it is necessary/not it is necessary to take a card in blackjack. Prefer to play in a fast game where they can show off their knowledge. These players rarely go in the VIP room (only if there are no free tables) because, in the presence of spectators, they feel more professional. Usually, this type of casino is the main source of income for players of the previous type. These players are usually polite with the staff and are keeping a low profile, believing that their present loss is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Major aggressive player

It is the most capricious and aggressive type of casino players. They already know that the casino will be lenient towards their behavior for the money that they lose. Often, the pit boss is forced to separate them from the rest of the players, sending in a VIP room, as other players should not see their rudeness and the degree of patience of the staff of the casino.

Here can be everything: flying on the dealer or the waitress ashtrays and chips, rough foul language to the staff and the casino in General, spilled drinks, and even spit in the face to dealers. These players suffer from delusions of grandeur or stardom. They are extremely aggressive. For the money they lose, they demand premium beverages and delicacies. These requirements are likely to result from a desire to somehow confirm their status and to assert themselves at the expense of the casino and its employees.

Advanced beginner

This type of casino players who dropped to the second or third time. He is extremely polite with the staff and others. He often asks and clarifies the rules. He's in luck. Usually these players play roulette or blackjack. He has already been here and won a large sum. And it happened somehow by accident. He put the numbers and the ball fell in them. If he was lucky to win this time, it will be tight on the hook, the casino and, depending on his psychology and financial capabilities, will be either the first or the second or the third group.