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by on December 19, 2020

There are several pretty ladies out there who are willing to work as a cabin crew member as they want a different lifestyle. Well, most of the air hostesses come forward to this profile as they are ready to fly to different places and then see the new destinations.

Being one of the fastest-growing sectors, this has a huge demand in the market. If you are also someone to run after this position, you might find this article much valuable for your career. However, walking on the paths of your dreams requires the very first essential step of taking admission to the cabin crew training institute in Kolkata. We will give insight into the interview procedure, which is undeniably known for being extremely challenging.

With every passing day, the cabin crew job role is growing to a huge extent. Prior to going for the interview, you must have knowledge about a lot of other things that can help you to crack the interview procedure. Preparing can be a tough task, and therefore these tips can be a lot helpful.

Knowledge of the airline:

When you are going for the interview, you must have knowledge of the airline beforehand. Make sure you gather complete information about the airline and get accustomed to the details like the number of planes they own, their routes, future plan, their operation starting date, and everything about the company. Always remember the thumb rule is to focus more on the positives and good aspects of the airline. Check their website and the about page to know more in detail. Check their news, magazines, websites, and a lot more. Since this is a common question, make sure that you have an insight into the company.

Fluency in the language:

There is again one of the major requirements of the cabin crew job role. This is mostly about dealing with the passenger, and therefore proper fluency is always a major requirement for this job. Most of the time, the recruiters will search for candidates who have great fluency in some of the most common languages like Hindi, English, and also the regional language. Besides, if the airlines have certain criteria, it is the duty of the cabin crew training institute to polish candidates as the neds of the airlines.

Therefore when you are preparing for the interview, you must work on fluency and language. Make sure that you have clear speech and great tonal quality as you are the one to constantly talk and assist the passengers.

As dealing with the passengers is the prime task of the cabin crew members, there is always a need for proper language fluency. Therefore, make sure before you go for the interviews that you are fluent in Hindi, English, and other regional languages.

Body language:

Even if you dont realize it, but body language says a lot about your personality. These are the micro signals that your body gives while you interact with someone. Recruiters are not someone to just judge your skills, but they are also the people who judge your unconscious self by reading your body language.

Therefore make sure that your body language shows confidence and being smart about the job. Dont stress yourself so that they are able to understand it.

Sit Straight:

Your every movement will be supervised by the recruiters. Therefore when you are sitting, make sure that you sit straight and lean back, but dont rest your back completely. This is when you will show your initial move and show your education and confidence. You will learn more about the etiquettes in the cabin crew training in Kolkata.

Dont do direct eye contact:

You might think that direct eye contact can reveal confidence but not always. When they constantly look straight into your eyes, it can make you nervous. Therefore keep face contact by looking at different parts of their face instead of getting deeper into their eyes.


Your hands should be placed properly clasped on your lap. Do not ever touch your face with your head as it reveals being nervous.


It is all about being confident and looking professional and, therefore, the best way to cross the feet, or you can simply place your feet on the floor. This makes you look confident and professional. Do not shake or move your legs continuously as it shows that you are nervous, and it can also be distracting.

Keep the smile:

As it has always been said to you in your cabin crew training course that smiling will be your asset. It is applicable during the interview process, as well. Make sure you keep a pleasant smile as a smiling, and happy face gives positivity. You must not forget that this job profile demands being positive and keeping a smile irrespective of the situation.

Tonal quality:

You need to have a very pleasant voice without being too loud or being too low on your voice. You must breathe and take a pause before you answer. Make sure you play with your pitches and do not have a flat tone. Offer appropriate answers by smiling and nodding when required. Always remember to limit yourself from overdoing something. Do not just nod but answer and nod, as it seems comfortable and being confident.

Make sure you are a team player:

When you are questioned about being a team player, make sure you say an easy YES. Most of the airline industries look for people who have the ability to work with different teams. You have to tell them and convince them in a way by reveals that you have the ability to follow instructions and work in a team.

Being an air hostess, you must know that you will not always have the same team, and therefore you need to have the ability to meet and gel with other people. Make sure you tell them in a way that they dont doubt your ability.

Elaborate yourself in three different words:

With the changing time, the patterns in the interview are consistently changing. Therefore, you need to stay ready for new types and unexpected questions. Therefore to answer such questions, it might vary, but all you need is to make sure that the qualities remain associated with the need for a cabin crew.

You can tell some of the most common qualities that are required to become an air hostess, like mature, honest, committed, assertive, open-minded, motivated, and a lot more qualities.

Besides, when you are taking the cabin crew course in Kolkata, you can stay assured that you will gain various effective traits. Always remember that the training is not just another training as there are extensive hours where you will feel drained yet learn the way to keep your calm.


This is again a very common question asked by the recruiters as this is how they will chalk out the role of that candidate. Even when you dont realize it, your hobby reveals a lot about your personality. Like when you are going for this role, you must know that when you say about playing sports, it can become a lot beneficial. This is because sports show working in a team and having leadership qualities as well.

You must know the thumb rule before you enter this sector. There are a lot of things that are checked in this particular interview as the airline would not like to waste time on someone who is least deserving.

Therefore if you are passionate and want to become a successful air hostess, you must be admitted to the best cabin crew training institute in India. Trainers and courses can become a lot beneficial for you to grow up higher in your career.

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