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by on December 22, 2020
The most important step in getting flattering frames is choosing those that match your character and facial features. You can go for frames that enhance your face’s best feature acknowledging that the size of the frames is in proportion to your face size.
What to consider while choosing the frames
You can know the shape of your face by looking at a mirror. Remember to pull your hair away if it falls on your face. Closely examine the general outline of your face and the contours of your head.
Here’s a closer look at common face types and recommended eyeglass frames for each:
Oval shape
Oval face shapes tend to have proportions that are balanced. If you have such a shape, get prescription glasses that match the width of your face’s broadest part. Recommended frames include Rectangle, Aviator and Bowline.
Oblong face shape
Oblong faces are long and narrow, but with cheek lines that are more or less straight. Get frames that feature more depth to bring balance and make your face look shorter.Frames with contrasting temples can also make your face appear wider.
Heart-shaped face
Be sides having a broad top third, a heart-shaped face also features a slender bottom third. To successfully shrink the width of the face, get frames that have a broader bottom. Round, Oval and Aviator frames are good choices.
Square face shape
Square face shapes have wide foreheads and strong jaws.They have roughly equal length and width. Narrow frame styles can soften the apparent angles and make your face look longer.
Wooden eyeglass frames
Wooden eyeglass frames perfectly blend in with the natural look on any face shape. They greatly augment your flair without grabbing all attention to themselves. The key to finding elegant wooden women’s or men’s eyeglasses is finding those that complement your face shape and have a great history and prowess behind their existence. That is where Loch’s frames come in.
Loch Effects creates an assortment of ethically fabricated eyeglasses and sunglasses in Canada. The frames are crafted from 500+ year old timber reclaimed from the floor of the Great Lakes. The sunglasses feature leading polarization technology and the eye glasses are heat adjustable for the perfect fit. Every frame is special and is backed by a lifetime care guarantee.
In addition, they are available at no-minimum order with good retail margins. Find the perfect frames here.
What is Loch Effect’s Home Try On feature and why does it matter to you?
With the Home Try On feature by Loch Effects, you can make a selection of up to three frames for you to “test drive” at a place of your convenience for three days. That way, your peers and family can give their opinion on the frames that suit you.You might be wondering if you have to pay for the wooden frames to be delivered. Well, you qualify for dual free shipping for the ethically made frames if you are in Canada or Mainland USA. When the frames get to you, you can hang onto what you like and ship the rest back to the manufacturer.
Connect with Loch Effects today via FaceBook and Instagram. You can also get to know more about them here.
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