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Floor grout is the difficulty cleaning part on your tiles floor. This area’s stains do not want to go quickly. If, you are using a brush roughly to clean the area; for a result, the tiles can be damaged and lost the polish. But simple daily life hacks can be saved your energy, money and time also.

Go to your kitchen and pick up vinegar and baking soda. Yes, you heard the right things name. It's pure white vinegar, and baking soda can be your life saver. You cannot imagine how it works like magic.

Direct go to the process to clean the floor grout without scrubbing. First of all, make a thick paste with three parts of baking soda with one part vinegar. The vinegar can be harmful on some marble and colored stone tiles. In that case, you can use mild hot water or only ordinary water. Apply the thick paste over tiles grout; let it be 10-15 minutes, after that use a soft nylon bristle brush or used toothbrush to polish the grout line. Finally, rinse the floor with a mop with healthy water.

You can make another cleaning solution with vinegar and warm water in equal quantity. Just, mild shake the bottle. Then spray the solution over grout. Then wipe with a wet rag or towel.

Another so easy method is just to sprinkle the baking soda directly on the grout line. You need not use much; a thin dusting will be okay. Then polish with a soft piece of cloth. For maximum proficiency, apply soda in small squares, and then polish it. After that, gradually the whole place.

Some useful tips to maintain tiles:

1.Regular cleaning can reduce your workload in holidays.
2.Continuous cleaning cannot make a severe stain.
3.Use these solutions once or twice a week.
4.Before applying baking soda or vinegar solution remove all the appliances from the floor. Vinegar and soda have acid, which can harm your things.
5.Careful about furniture.
6.Try to avoid chemical solution which is getting from the market.
7.You can squeeze a piece of lemon in any of this solution. The fruit’s odor can feel you a fresh feeling.
8.After applying any solution rinsing with water is a must.

Here, we are trying to provide 2 or more than a hygienic solution for grout cleaning without scrubbing. You can choose one for at a time and keep your house from dust and bacteria free.
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