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When I went into the forest for the first time for hunting every one of my family wondered, as nor my father or grandfather go for hunting ever. I’m the only member who loves the forest and like animals to hunt. From that time I answered that question million times, Is hunting good for wildlife?

Cause animals are dying for no reason and suffer much when they escaped taking the arrow in their body. When I used my bow for the first time and it the deer escaped bearing the arrow under its chest, and after four days I found it dead and meat ruined, then I felt guilty.

I stopped going forest and looking for an experienced person or journey to know what biology and scientists say. But I didn’t find anyone to get the desired answer. Then one day in the local hunting club, I found an Uncle who is older and experienced in hunting more than two decades. I asked him, is hunting right or good for wildlife?

Else, I have the keen interest in hunting. He answered in just a few words, but I get those words are genuine, and it’s necessary to keep balance in wildlife ecology.

In his reply, he said, If any deer get any season then their production grows three times more than earlier, and they eat all their foods at a time after then goes on starving. If they aren't hunting in the season, then they will die lack of food or finally attacks in human life like their crops.

Keep A Balance In Their Number:

In average a hunting season animals like deer, turkey and birds have enough opportunity to keep a balance in their number, and it happens. In some journal, I get a lot of references of biologists that if the animals keep on their reproduction then they will catch humans living and farmers can’t produce any crops.

Maintain Balance In Ecology:

In American wildlife, hunters play a vital role to maintain balance in ecology, and they also contribute funds to saving animals like a particular genre and species.

After few years, I’m back in hunting and concentrate much in hunting. Even that now annually contribute nearly 1000$ in various animal saving a community.

Now hardly I miss any season to hunting and last week of October is the best time for me to go hunting in our local area. Every year nonresident hunters also contribute lot money in various funds. This policy and scientist are proven that hunting is good for wildlife.
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