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Readers might get amazed with the fact that Myanmar has been a place of allure and mystery for long even before the days of British colonialism. The country has numbers of fascinating facts and places to show even before the availability of the ‘exotic east’ writings of the prolific writers such as George Orwell, Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling and many others.

With its eye-soothing landscapes, legendary kingdoms, ethnic people, exceptional illustrations of architectural marvels, the company has become one of the major tourist attractions for millions of travellers from all over the world. Below in this post, the readers will get to known about the top 5 tourist attractions. So, get your bookings with a local travel agency in Myanmar and enjoy the trip to its fullest.

1. Enjoy the Dawn of the Day Over the Plans of Bagan Temple
The stunning views of the sunrises are exceptional breathtaking and watching the same while being on the plains of historic Bagan is itself an iconic moment. The atmosphere of the Bagan is scintillating and every traveler to Myanmar must pay a visit. A ride on a hot air balloon drifting over the horizon will also offer you with amazing joy.

2. Be Amazed with the Thousands of Stupas at Kakku, Inle Lake
Kakku is one of the hidden gems of the Shan state and is considered as one of the most remarkable pagodas. It is best known as the spiritual centre for Pa’O people (Buddhist tribal community) having a collection of 2478 stupas and most interestingly they were constructed 2,000 years ago. Just with a tour from Inle Lake it can be easily accessed but the travelers have to hire local guide and it is stated by the law itself.

3. Get lost by the Sight of Hundreds of Age-Old Stupas at Indein, Inle Lake
Once you reach there, you will get to see hundreds of white, red and brown stupas standing in varying stages of disorder on a peak in Indein, a small undeveloped village is situated at the end of a slim bay off Inle Lake. The journey to this place will be full of excitements and there will many things to accompany the visitors like plowing the rice paddles, water buffalo and lot more.

4. Appreciate the Mahumuni Pagoda in Mandalay
It is one of the one significant and striking pilgrim destinations of followers of Buddhism in Myanmar. The houses of the place depict the highly revered image of the Buddha in the country. Interestingly, only men are allowed to visit the inner chamber and to offer a gold leaf to Buddha while women are only allowed to watch the entire procedure.
All it can be said that get in touch with a local and reputed travel agency in Myanmar to explore the country. The list is very long and the ones mentioned in this post are some of the highlights of the country.