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The traditional procedure of recruitment is losing its former popularity as well as significance due to the emergence of online job portals- a platform that is known to benefit both the employers and the jobseekers. Individuals, who do wish to create such a website for their company, must remember to incorporate certain vital features and some of those are mentioned below in brief:

1. Just like any other site, a job portal also needs to have an exclusive layout that is sure to intrigue the viewers, compel them to pay a visit, enhance the rates of conversion and in turn maximizes profits. Make sure to get rid of unnecessary information and clutters that could disengage the audience.

2. Top-notch professionals indulge in the process of job portal website development keeping in mind the needs as well as expectations of all sorts of individuals, starting from the general visitors to moderators, registered users and website administrators. Apart from being customizable and user-friendly, such platforms must have the following features:

• Diverse search options in accordance with the keywords.
• Filtering jobs based on categories.
• Detailed and functional job search.
• Search options based on locations.
• Search modules based on Ajax.
• Separate domains for forum discussion.

3. A job portal is considered successful only if it can effectually assist the individuals, who are on a lookout for works. Subscription alerts, hassle-free registration, navigable control panel, manageable information, etc. are some of the basic utilities that these platforms need to provide. Apart from the mentioned, a portal must emphasize upon two other important aspects-

• The individual must be able to upload video resumes. The notion has been quite popular nowadays because it has let the job seekers describe their credentials in a comprehensive manner.

• Social network outlets like LinkedIn and Facebook has turned out to be extremely advantageous especially when one needs to subscribe information or share thoughts and ideas. Integrating such platforms in a job portal would intensify job searches and drive more traffic.

Now that all the entrepreneurs out there are aware of the essential traits that an ideal job portal has, they could move on to create one. Although it may seem easy, fabricating such a website stands to be a challenging as well as a time-consuming endeavor. Hence, instead of indulging in the process entirely on one’s own, the business owners find it viable to seek professional assistance. According to a renowned job portal development company in India, one must conduct thorough researches and opt for those organizations that could provide quality services at reasonable rates and carry out the task, in accordance with the targeted goals of clients.
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