by on December 26, 2020
The Madden 21 franchise model is very popular among players, and the X-factors capabilities in it also add more possibilities to the game. But don't gamers feel that the franchise without X-factors might bring us closer to the real game?Let us discuss this issue together with U4GM. Gamers who want to buy mut 21 coins are welcome to U4GM.

While the superstar abilities seem reasonable (Julian Edelman does perform better from the slot than out wide, so give him a boost there), X-Factor abilities are an issue.

They have a superhero-esque impact on the game. From quicker juke moves and greater throw power to guaranteed catches (hello Moss'd) and now never fumbling (Truzz).

These abilities are intended to reflect the moments a player is locked in. The epic comeback drives of a Tom Brady or sensational runs of Saquon Barkley. But what they do create a game-breaking meta to use and abuse.

MUT is all about finding the edge to beat your opponent, score big rewards, and build an even stronger team.

With the capability to choose which X-Factor to give which player within your team (limited to three on offense & three on defense) you could set a squad that played to your own style.

Love passing to a TE? Give him matchup nightmare and watch him dominate linebackers. Like to run inside zone all day? Load your RB with abilities that improve blocking and make his cuts lightning fast.

The NFL 100 players even started with their X-Factors, meaning the first play you could max protect and throw long for Randy Moss and get a guaranteed chunk play.

That sort of thing is ridiculous for Franchise Mode, but when you have Joe Montana throwing to Randy Moss and handing off to Bo Jackson, it doesn't really matter that from time to time players turn into gods.

Madden 21 is just the second year of X-Factor and superstar abilities. Their longevity is not yet a guarantee. Superstar abilities allow gamers to put their players in the right situations to succeed, which is key to real-life NFL coaching. They are a good way of making players think more deeply about the game and how to get the best out of their roster.

X-Factors are well intentioned, but they turn players into game-breaking monsters. Lamar Jackson already has defense-beating speed, he doesn't need the ability to try and truck a linebacker without risk of fumbling.

EA needs to find the balance between situational football and over-the-top, arcade-style gameplay, which is what X-Factors are tipping Madden toward.

Let us look forward to how EA will deal with X-factors in the next development, we hope it will make the game more interesting.
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