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Looking to hire a roofing company for some roof repair or a roof replacement? You’ll no-doubt have dozens of options and that’s without counting amateur roofers who advertise in online and newspaper classified ads. You probably even have a few friends of friends who have dabbled in roofing work as well. With so many options, how do you narrow it down to just one? If you need to hire a Spokane roofing company, start by eliminating all that don’t meet the following five criteria:

They have a local address. The roofer you hire should be local and they should have an actual place of business. If they work out of a truck or travel from town to town chasing storms, they won’t need to worry about maintaining a good reputation and they may not be around to honor any warranties.

They offer a warranty. Reputable roofers stand by their work; they’ll offer a warranty on the installation on top of any warranty that comes with the roofing shingles so that failure due to poor workmanship is still covered if the manufacturer’s warranty is voided.

A good BBB rating. The Better Business Bureau evaluates businesses according to the number of complaints opened against that company and, more importantly, the company’s track record when it comes to resolving those complaints.

They can show proof of license and insurance. The quickest way to ensure that a roofing company is at least competent is to at least make sure they have a roofing license and insurance. This will most likely rule out all the classified ad roofers and your friends of friends.

Certified by a major roofing shingle manufacturer. Reputable roofers almost always partner with a specific shingle supplier and will be certified by that supplier demonstrating that they are trained in the best practices for installing that supplier’s products.

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