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by on December 30, 2020
Yes, it’s your home but if it’s mobile it needs something different than a standard homeowner’s policy. The insurance companies who write coverage for homeowner’s insurance don’t all write mobile home insurance. At we can provide a mobile home insurance quote because we have access to those insurance companies that do write this type of coverage.

Home insurance for mobile homes is different because of the construction of your dwelling. In fact both mobile and modular homes are considered differently by many insurance companies. It is important to work with a company that writes policies specifically for mobile homes.

For beginners, the fact that a mobile home is just that, mobile separates it from a stick built on site home and even from a modular home that is attached to a conventional foundation. Whether you mobile home is simply strapped to the ground in some manner or attached to a foundation does not have as much impact as the fact that it was factory constructed and meets a set of Federal standards which do not necessarily follow local building codes is one difference. That mobility makes it different as weight is a factor that impacts construction and materials.

All that considered it is important to know what a Mobile home policy does cover. It covers the structure, the contents and a liability insurance for anyone injured on your site or in your home. It may also cover movement of your home if you choose to relocate it. It can have the added protections of providing payment for living elsewhere while your home is repaired or replaced.

That last statement is important to a mobile home owner because a policy can be written to reflect replacement or actual cash value. The former will replace the home with one of comparable value up to the limits of the policy, the latter provides what the current cash value is. Since mobile homes depreciate on average about 3%-3.5% per year a policy that provides actual cash value can leave you unable to replace a home destroyed by a storm or fire.

Other important considerations for a mobile homeowner’s policy is making sure that you have adequate coverage of your possessions and other personal property. Finally, a word about a way to save on your insurance policy. Consider bundling, a process where you purchase your vehicle and mobile home insurance from the same company. In many cases the savings can be 10% or more.

At ConsumerCoverage we have companies and agents who can see you through the process of purchasing mobile home insurance coverage that will suit your needs and budget. Our site can provide you multiple quotes that will allow you to compare the coverages offered by each company so that you can make an informed decision about the insurance coverage that protects your home, your possessions and gives you liability protection for anyone injured in your home or on your property.
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