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by on January 3, 2021

The world's condition is not that good, but that doesn't mean you cannot celebrate your special moments with your close friends and family. What do you need to commemorate your special days and achievements except good food, gifts, and a good company? We're pretty sure that you already have a lovely company and food. We have brought you some pretty precious chocolate gifts and chocolate hampers' online store for presents.

So, we have solved all your problems by now. We understand that most online chocolate gifts stores in the United Kingdom have rigid deliveries that do not fit with you. But the online store we have found is excellent regarding that. We are talking about 'The Flower House Co.' Before we talk about their delivery system, they know that they have a wide variety of chocolate gifts, chocolate hampers, flower bouquets, and chocolate bouquets.

Chocolate Gifts Variety At ‘The Flower House’

We liked the most about the company apart from the delivery options they offer: the wide variety of chocolates hamper and chocolate gifts. And the significant part is that you don't even have to attach a gift card with their hampers because they attach one handwritten with every product they sell. Some of our top favourites are as follows,

  • Nestle Large Chocolate Gifts Box

Our top favourite on the website was Nestle chocolate gifts hamper wrapped in beautiful lavender packaging. One thing that is their staple for all their orders is a customizable gift card that comes in handy when you are giving a chocolate gift to someone special in your life. But the trait that attracted us the most was the variety of chocolates within the Nestle chocolate category. Such chocolate gift hampers are perfect for families with kids and young adults.

  • Daim Chocolate Gifts Bouquet

Our second favourite was Daim chocolate hampers. We liked these chocolate gifts because of the options they come with, not in terms of variety but sizes and the number of bars. And that is important because you don't always want a deluxe size with more than 50 bars in it, sometimes you want to give it to one person. And you want a standard size or even a smaller one, so that was great about the chocolates.

  • Kinder Bueno Chocolate Gifts Hamper

The Kinder chocolate gifts are perfect for all the occasion. But the thing about the company is that they make chocolates appear even more appealing and delightful because of the packaging and the presentation. And on the inside, the chocolates are beautifully arranged and taste delicious.

  • Milky Bar Chocolate Gifts Bouquet

Most people are not a big fan of dark chocolate, so considering such people’s choice is quite thoughtful of the company. They have set up a beautiful milky chocolate gift bouquet wrapped in pink ribbons that screams elegance.  

Flexible Delivery Options

The company offers three extremely flexible delivery options.

  1. Standard Delivery Offer

The best feature about the company is that its standard delivery is entirely free. And they only take 3-5 working days for their standard delivery offer. And honestly, in these times you quickly need to grab that option.

  1. Next Day Delivery Offer

Their second delivery offer is the very next day you place the order. And the only condition is that you have to place your order before their cut off timing that’s 2 pm. And you will also have to pay only £ 9.99 per bouquet.

  1. Saturday Delivery Offer

As you know, weekends are off days for all the stores but ‘The Flowers House Co.’ even offers to deliver on Saturdays. The same rule applies to their Saturday delivery: 2 pm, and you will have to pay an extra £ 9.99. But come on they are delivering chocolate gifts and other hampers on Saturdays.

You can research the Internet about chocolate gifts and hampers shops online, but you won't find any store with such flexible delivery options. So, instead of fussing about the delivery problems, enjoy your moment and don't let them skip because you can’t physically access the stores. All we want to say is good luck.

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