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USB outlets help to power USB devices without chargers. You can plug multiple USB devices at once using a USB outlet.

The other great thing about USB outlets is they can be installed easily using some practical ways. If you are a DIY fan, here is good news for you. You can install a USB outlet by reading this guide. This guide will include step-by-step methods to install USB outlets. 

Before moving ahead in this guide, make sure that you are not violating government electrical regulations by performing electrical work in your home or area. If you have the authority to perform electrical works, remember to use all the required safety tools and rules while installing USB outlets. If you are ready to learn the installation steps, keep reading this guide. 

Choose the right USB outlet based on your needs

A few years back, it was not easy to find outlets with USB ports, but now you have many options. We recommend Legrand and Leviton as top models. You will also get several affordable options available in the market. You can find outlets based on your needs. 

To install a USB outlet, you will have to make a hole in the wall around 3 inches for proper installation because it comes with extra electronics. You can also consider a wall plate to border the sockets. 

Use a voltage tester

A voltage tester is an excellent tool that helps to test electric current in a circuit. Like other tools, it is good to use it for electrical safety. However, you must have to turn off the power from the primary source before installing the USB outlet, but a voltage tester helps you confirm the electric current in a particular circuit. Most important, don’t forget to test the tester before using it. 

Shut down the electricity 

After deciding to replace the existing outlet, remember to shut down electricity from the main source. Ensure that you have turned off the power of the room or the area, you have to install the outlet. 

Take away the existing wall plate and outlet

Before removing the wall plate and outlet, make sure that electricity is completely turned off. After that, remove the plate and outlet by unscrewing.

Remember the existing wiring 

When you open the plate and outlet, try to understand the existing wiring. If you don’t want to remember the wiring, capture an image of that on your phone. This act will help in the rewiring process while fitting the new outlet. 

Take out the wires from the old outlet

Once you know the existing wiring, loose the screws that contain wires and remove them from the port. 

Connect the USB socket

Now you can connect the USB outlet by ensuring the right electrical wires and terminals. After connecting successfully, make sure that you have secured the outlet and wall plate. 

Now turn on the power and test your USB outlet

After doing all the above steps carefully, turn on the power to test the outlet. Here the voltage tester will work well. So, take the voltage tester and ensure that all the outlets are working correctly. 

Now you know how to install a USB outlet and eliminate the hassle of charging.

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