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by on January 4, 2021

Every homeowner's dream to have a stylish and appealing home. Without enthralling decors, this dream can never come true. The best manner to add up a captivated look is to integrate live edge wood slabs to support your decors. These one-of-a-kind pieces can be attached anywhere, in a variety of ways. Let’s know the reasons how these natural live edge shelves turn your décor to lively and attractive: 

  • Incorporates with tradition and modern aesthetics

These live edge wood slabs have features to maintain the natural edge of the tree. They give a trendy look in this modish era since their history dates back hundreds of centuries. Been having the classic and contemporary appearance, the demand for natural live edge shelves have been increasing as the time is moving. 

  • Gives a focal point to your room

Indeed, the live edge slabs bring an organic and natural feel to wherever they are located. When you or some guests walk into a room with live-edge shelves, your or their eyes drew attention. Besides, its rustic appearance and beauty is hard to forget. 

  • Offers a beautiful artwork in your living space

Every live edge pieces are derived from trunks of trees, and every slab has a different story, thus different appearance and attraction. In fact, they are available in a variety of sizes, colors, wood, and price points. You must go for the one that speaks most to you. By swapping your old shelves with these live edge shelves, you will introduce a piece of true art into your room or home. 

Golden Coast Burls is an online marketplace to buy live edge shelves at good prices. Driftwood Glass top Tables, Accent & End Tables, Redwood Burl Tables, Dining & Sofa Tables, Rustic Glass tops, Nightstands, Mineral Tables, Headboards, Coastal Coffee Tables, and Mantles and Shelving are the products offered at Golden Coast Burls. 

About the Golden Coast Burls 

Golden Coast Burls is a founder who got an idea of creating live edge shelves and furniture when he saw an unused table in his grandfather’s living room. When he saw in that piece, he saw the real beauty and finally approached his professional painter and woodworker to revamp it into a beautiful table. After doing several coats of finish, he got an exceptional piece of table. Then he gifted that piece of the 94th birthday of his grandfather, which made him amazed once looked at. Since that day, he turned his creativity and passion into creating exceptional tables wherein every piece of creation speaks itself. 

Besides, no piece of live edge furniture is made by cutting or harming the trees. Only those burls are used which come from trees that have been logged decades ago. Also, these logs are used for turning live furniture or shelves only after taking legal permissions.  

To buy now, click here or for queries, contact via the phone: 805.636.6863 or email:

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