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by on January 4, 2021
At Dog Grooming Mandurah we understand that every dog is unique and has different needs. We always make the wellbeing of your dog a priority, taking the time to ensure that the Dog Grooming experience is a positive one.
We offer a high quality groom, which includes the following services:

bath, brush and blow dry
nail clipping
pad trimming
ear plucking/cleaning
full, breed-standard grooms
scissor work
de shedding
doggy spa treatments

Mandurah Dog Grooming is a professional and friendly dog grooming salon based in Mandurah, Halls Head, Dog Grooming Secret Harbour which offers the best dog washing service for your best friend.

Why choose Dog Grooming Halls Head?

we have a calm, relaxed and friendly approach and environment only one dog at a time is present in the salon our Dog Groomers never rush the grooming process. We recognise when a dog needs a break and they are able to stretch their legs and have a toilet break when necessary we do not use cages, crates or cabinet dryers, thus reducing unnecessary stress we work in a fully equipped modern salon. We maintain high standards of hygiene and all equipment is sterilised after each Dog Washing Service in Mandurah
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