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by on January 6, 2021
We are making progress, in general. Today, thanks to the different technological advances and breakthroughs, we have new and better tools and facilities even as this has considerably improved the way we live, work, and lead our lives. Nowhere this is more evident than in the sphere of video displays. Today, interactive video wall display have ignited the video wall landscape across the world and are offering viewers a better and more engaging viewing experience. The situation wasn’t the same earlier. Then, we had the common Videos and TVs that we used for entertainment and similar other purposes. Later, we graduated to bigger and flatter display screens, for a better viewing experience. Thanks to the improvements made in size and viewing experience, we started using them for business/work purposes and also for making a high-value presentation at business meets and conferences. With the passage of time, we made another BIG leap and began using large format wall displays for a larger-than-life viewing experience, and for reaching out to our customers and prospects in a better way. Called video wall Displays, earlier, they consisted of many television sets or monitors that were put closely collectively. The goal was to make it appear as one large display surface. But the issue was the large frame (or bezel) that surrounded the valuable display area of every TV set. This entirely neutralized the effects of a single image and spoiled the visual show. So, we introduced newer and better technologies to lessen the ‘dead pixel space’ between the different displays. This helped us create what is today known as Interactive (Touch Sensitive) Video Walls about which we spoke in the introductory paragraph. Interactive Wall Displays These are basically powerful display options that see your message or data exhibited on a grand scale. As a culmination of many screens, such a display provides a powerful option to present your content with a serious ‘wow’ element on a scale not typically seen by viewers before. The USP of this technology is that it enables you to provide engaging and valuable interactive displays for your spectators, particularly, vis-à-vis a conventional video wall. This Touch Video Wall Display offers your viewers that additional stage of command over what content they are being exposed to, factually putting the command into their hands. interactive video wall makes turnaround time and ease of access better. This makes work a lot easier and helps save time and other valuable resources. The touch screen also boosts the overall efficiency of workers which results in bigger profit margins as the benefit gets transmitted to the users eventually. Besides, unlike the traditional Video Walls that usually offered a passive experience for the spectators, the Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls involve and engage the spectators on a scale not seen before. An additional factor that makes such Interactive Single Panel Displays so extremely helpful is their flexibility. You can use them for different kinds of applications. You may employ them to involve the passers-by, boost footfalls, or improve the overall sales experience. These also enable you to save on your precious time. They react to commands a lot quicker. No wonder, Interactive Displays are being taken a lot seriously by businesses and organizations today even as these are indeed the way to go when it comes to businesses and establishments, like hotels or even railway stations. Prysm Systems This Silicon Valley-based large-format Display Company is one of the most respected and trusted names in the field. Its revolutionary large-format Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) Technology has totally changed the large Interactive video wall display scene in the world, for the better.
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