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by on January 20, 2021
We will inform you what to do when the PS4 controller does not work.
Rest assured that it is not broken in most cases.
1. Reset.
This is effective when the light bar of the controller is blinking white.
Did you know that the controller has a reset button?
The hole on the back of the controller, this child is the reset button. Press with a blunt object such as the back of a toothpick.
Use the microUSB cable included with the PS4 to connect the main unit to the controller. You should be able to pair by pressing the PS button.
2. Launch safe mode
If resetting does not help, start in safe mode with the main unit and controller connected.
There is a workaround on the official page.
Quoted from Sony official page
3. Replace the cord
If safe mode doesn't help, it could be code.
It may not be possible to connect with anything other than the microUSB cable included with the PS4 or the genuine cable.
There is also the possibility of poor contact.
If you have another controller, try connecting and pairing with another controller instead.
If pairing is successful, the controller may be out of order.
If pairing is not possible, it may be a cable.
Get a new cable and give it a try.
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