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by on January 23, 2021
For today's all about baby girl names, I'm going to share five unique or different baby girl names that I think are super cute. And I'm just putting them out into the universe. We are going to start with my list that I have right here. And I'm also going to give me the meaning of them. If you can hear my son, I apologies he is running around, trying to film when he's asleep, but sometimes that doesn't happen. So the first one is Anya, and it is a Russian form of Anna. That's pretty much the only like meaning I could find. And then when I went to Anna, there's so many different meanings and stuff. So just the Russian form of it. I think it was really pretty just rolls off the tongue really nicely. And it's something different. I mean, maybe if you live in Russia, it's not different. But here in America, I think naming your daughter Anya would be different and unique. The second one is Freya, meaning from Old Norse meaning lady, it's also the goddess of love and beauty. So it's not really like a new name, but it's something that you don't hear very often think it is really pretty and once again flows off the tongue really nicely. There are many different ways to actually spell this name and Anya the first one, which is makes it a little bit more unique. So I really love the name Freya. Number three is Laughlin, meaning Scottish nickname for someone from Norway. Now this is usually used for a boy, I mean, that's what I found on the internet. But I think it is really pretty for girl and it is something different, there can be lots of nicknames. Or it can just be Laughlin and it just flows right off the tongue you think of Sarah McLaughlin. But I think it's really cute and something unique. There will not be tones of locking's if you name your daughter that number four is Monroe. It's a Scottish surname, meaning from the mouth of the row. Not really sure exactly what that means. But I think of Marilyn Monroe and the glamour and the glitz. And it just something really like classic sounding, which is very, very unique. It's not one of those cookie cutter type names. So I really think it is pretty and elegant. and perfect for a little girl little Monroe. Our fifth and final one is as May. It is old French, meaning esteemed or loved. Now it's kind of like a shortened version of a longer French name. But I really think it's something unique and kind of like out of the box. If you are a twilight fan. Of course it's used in that movie, or the books and movies, but I think it is really pretty and you just think of something delicate and beautiful, which is perfect for a little girl. So there you have it. Those are my top five unique, pretty elegant, so many different words I can use for those baby girl names. I really hope you guys enjoyed. If you did give it a big thumbs up, subscribe if you're new, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say. So leave me a comment down below and go check out all of my other baby name article. I have lots of them. I will link them down below or up in the cards. And I will see you guys next time. Check More names to call your girlfriend girl name start with c guy names middle name
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