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by on January 23, 2021
The European snuff user of the 18th century suffered from an embarrassing problem long before American cowboy’s sported bandanas: Dark tobacco stains were left behind a white or solid-colored handkerchief by blowing his nose. In India, he found a stylish solution, where to create colorful silk and cotton kerchiefs covered in lively patterns textile makers employed a millennium-old tie-dyeing technique called bandhani. Europe started producing its silk bandana by the early 19th century, most notably in Mulhouse, France, where dye producers developed a version of Turkey red, the color that is most commonly associated with bandanas today.

In American politics Bandanas have appeared frequently a long back ago. For the boisterous campaign song, We Want Teddy, Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 bandana included the words and music. To go with Adlai all the way, the bandana for the presidential campaign of Adlai Stevenson’s 1956 had a smiling picture of the candidate and exhorted voters.

It is still beloved by cowboys and bandits and now bandanas are used as a headscarf handkerchief, or neck covering, and in Covid-19 times as a face mask. Madelyn Shaw, a curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s division of cultural and community life says that they were largely meant for hard use. Despite their all-American status, during the pandemic, the bestselling bandanas aren’t red, white, or blue but they are black.

It might be a Simple Square of fabric cloth, but in American culture, the custom dog bandana has had a major impact.

There are very few who choose to wear a necktie outside formal occasions even though every man has it. There has always been a niche in bandana’s appeal has, but in society these characters openly embraced the cloth, giving it far greater significance.

Now, in a pandemic world of uncertainty, the bandana has had this major resurgence as a face covering for the masses, even though compared to a face mask it has proved to be less effective.

The bandana is functional but it is also a great accessory piece; you can also use it as a styling piece and can throw it in your back pocket.

Since the paisley-printed cotton classic Bandanas have come a long way. To your simple white tees cool geometric designs a graphic twist must be added, while to your ordinary suit, an elevated accent is added by silky texture for a standout style. And yes, I can and should wear silk. By several trendsetting designers, the rich fabric has been embraced for its louche charm, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In the last few years, eastern-style has been a recurring trend, but at the moment I do feel it's at its peak —it's everywhere and bandanas compliment that style and aesthetic perfectly. To showcase more of men's personality the -mighty piece of cloth allows men to accessorize in a new, fresh way, beyond the limitations of a minimalist watch or necklace.

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