Sooraj Suresh
by on January 28, 2021
Stress is an unavoidable part of our modern-day life, it activates the central neural system that produces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Too much stress can cause problems like high blood pressure, depression, eating disorders, and sleeping problems. While dealing with stress for a prolonged period of time, could lead to chronic muscle tension. This would eventually result in back problems, migraines, shoulder pain, anxiety, and neck pain.

Lymphatic drainage helps in removing the metabolic waste from our body which occurs due to the overuse of muscle, injury, or surgery. This metabolic waste increases muscular fatigue and weakness which in turn results in swelling and pain. If the situation is not handled properly, it could restrict movement and prevent injuries from healing. The inability to use the area of the body properly makes a person frustrated which increases mental stress. Massage therapy helps in stimulating the lymphatic system and flushing out the metabolic waste from the body to replace them with healthy oxygen and nutrients.

Various treatment techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, and more are used to reduce stress. Those who are working in a stressful environment are required to take up massage sessions on a weekly basis to suppress the level of stress and concentrate more on their duties. If you wish to become a qualified massage therapist to help others who are dealing with stress and depression, join the Australasian College of Massage & Myotherapy (ACMM). The institute is located in Perth, Australia and it offers a range of massage therapy courses with practical sessions for the students to master the art of massage. Enroll in the massage courses by applying on the official website of ACMM.
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