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Darjeeling, the mesmerising hill station that towers the glorious Kanchenjunga is not just home to a variety of cultures; it is rich with some excellent flora and fauna that take visitors to a different world. It is a city that is blessed with multi-faceted attractions such as charming emerald-green plantations, Colonial-era architecture, and breathtaking views, in addition to several other opportunities to explore. The highlight for travellers is the Darjeeling winter.

Darjeeling is at its Best During the Winter

As beautiful and fascinating as it is in all seasons, The Queen of the Himalayas, as it is referred to, Darjeeling is a double delight vacation destination during winter. With pleasant, bearable, and wonderful weather conditions, and being least crowded, Darjeeling’s magical touch is at its full peak during January.

The biting cold and occasional snowfall make this historic place more attractive and overwhelmingly captivating for those with a taste for change and uniqueness. The New Year celebrations and the exclusively rolled out food delicacies in luxury hotel in darjeeling and mindboggling events conducted here are special and ecstatic.

The Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling

Whether you are headed for a solo trip, a group tour, family vacation, or honeymoon—regardless of the purpose of your visit to the marvellous place on the lap of the Himalayas—Darjeeling is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist places and an amazingly fabulous hill station. The Windamere Hotel is an exclusive Colonial accommodation in this picturesque destination.

Staying at the Windamere - Best colonial hotels in India, with its old-world charms and traditional interiors, facilitates enjoying the spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga peaked with snow. The remarkable hotel is a scenic marvel by itself, with its Colonial setting, magnificent interiors, lush greenery all around, and unparalleled service.

Darjeeling Offers Unblemished Beauty of Mother Nature

Those fortunate enough to visit Darjeeling in January are ensured of a refreshing and memorable experience. The lanes are filled with festivity, shops offer a lot of persuasive products, and the restaurants emanate a lip-smacking aroma of hygienically prepared food. The exotic tourist attraction is in its full bloom, making travellers crave for more.


Darjeeling’s landscape is naturally laid out on different levels, each connected with the other through steep, narrow roads that are free from any unwanted noise or pollution. Visitors who wish to explore the majestic beauty of this place may do so during January when it offers umpteen opportunities for the adventurous types!

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