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by on February 15, 2021
You can pull off almost any hairstyle and headband combo out there if you're lucky enough to have an oval face shape. With a lot of versatility, you can play up your look, starting from volumized up-dos to long, wavy curls. This shape has the most balanced; so when it comes to the type of headband you select, you get a lot of freedom. If you have an ideal face shape then it becomes important to make sure your custom headbands are flattering your face, to make your natural beauty the center of attention. You don't have to add length or width to create an illusion since you already have the perfect proportions.

Characteristics of a typical oval face shape:

- Proportionate forehead

- Narrow jawline

- Wider set cheekbones

Things to Avoid

To your already proportionate face, you should avoid adding length or width. To the top or side of your head, you will never want to add weight or height. It all depends on what kind of hairstyle you currently have. You’re going to want to make sure you have some volume on top to add some softness only in the case you have short hair. Larger, Silk Headband pieces that can swallow your beautiful face shape should be avoided by short hairstyles. You’ll also want to avoid parting your hair down the middle if you have oval face shapes. A nice, side-swept bang paired with a headband will help you in avoiding from elongating your face.

Let your natural beauty shine and work with the natural shape of your face. Out of all the shapes to have you have the most versatile face shape, so you're lucky that to look great you don't want to work hard. Keeping it simple is the best tip for oval shapes. To help elongate or widen your face you don't need to wear any fancy headbands, so rock a silk hairband that contrasts well with your hair color. You have many options, like sporting a glitter headband or even something with feathers. It's all up to your personality and your style.
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