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by on February 16, 2021

If you have no prior intimate knowledge of smartphones and photography, purchasing a smartphone with a photography plan in mind can be tough. Do you really understand which of your smartphone's camera lenses is most suited for: landscapes or portraits? Do you know which apps to download to maximize your photos' true potential? Do you know your model's height and weight, and how this will affect the size of the camera lens? Here are some questions to ask before you purchase your next best smartphone 2021.

Are you a macro photographer? A macro lens will allow for greater detail in the image such as focusing on an object that is small in size. When trying to achieve a close up shot of a small subject, a macro lens can bring the focus closer to the center of the picture and eliminate blurring. This is a recommended option for busy shooters since a regular lens will usually produce images with more blurry background.

Do you prefer a zoom or telephoto? Zoom lenses enable you to zoom in on faraway subjects by moving away from the camera. However, using a zoom lens requires more focus and time than typical telephoto lenses. In terms of actual use, both zoom and super-wide camera types are capable of taking excellent landscape shots.

Do you need an optical zoom or anamorphic lens? Anamorphic lenses capture the scene in an extreme and artistic way that give the viewer a surreal and moving experience. They are often used for videography. However, anamorphic lenses are often better suited for portrait photography. For a cell phone camera lens, the focal length and width must be longer and wider than 16mm in order to capture a good amount of field of view.

Are you interested in general photography or landscape shots? Do you want a telephoto or ultra-wide lens? A wide-angle lens is suitable for general photography. However, wide-angle lenses are not as flexible as other lens types. In general, they provide a medium between long-telephoto lenses and ultra-wide lenses. As a rule, general smartphones have either a standard or wide-angle lens.

Do you want a telephoto lens? A telephoto lens is ideal for general photography. However, their flexibility is limited. Because of their narrow focal length, they are better suited to take high resolution images. But if you are looking to take great images, even in a low light situation, opt for an oversized telephoto lens instead.

When it comes to landscape shots, a telephoto lens might be ideal. These lenses are able to provide a lot of flexibility because of their short focal length. Plus, they have a tendency to capture a large amount of detail thanks to their larger size.

On the whole, there are four main types of smartphone camera lenses: standard, full-frame, lens reflex and fish-eye lens. Take your time to research which type would suit you best. Aside from the obvious difference in lens type, microSD card compatibility is a big factor when choosing a camera. Make sure you choose one that can support all your important image formats. If you are unsure of what you need, make sure to ask an expert photographer.

One example of a standard lens is the standard 50mm camera lens. This is actually the most common lens in terms of its functionality. It has great flexibility when it comes to macro photography. Most cell phone cameras also have this type of lens, so if you don't have a digital camera yet, don't worry.

Full-frame lenses are a popular choice for many. The main advantage of using full-frame lenses is their versatility. These types of lenses can capture scenes with very clear images. There are also instances wherein the angle of view of the shot would greatly change once the flash is used. If this is the case, you can choose from a variety of shutter speeds and manual settings for these types of lenses.

For those who are looking for professional-looking shots, telephoto lenses can also be used. They are wider than regular lenses but they are still applicable for general purposes. Whatever type of smartphone camera lens that you'll be choosing, just make sure that you'll be comfortable with it so that you won't feel regretting your choice.

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