Nancy Laymann
by on February 22, 2021

Child only health insurance is available from several sources and not all are income based so check out child only health insurance during pregnancy. Let’s first begin with programs which are state based government programs based upon income.

Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state operated federal program that allows each state to provide health care for children up to age 19. Income eligibility varies by state but covers those whose income is too high to qualify for Medicaid. This program provides preventive care, check-ups, hospital and emergency care as well as hearing, dental and vision services. The CHIP program does not renew automatically and is subject to annual renewal and potential qualification changes.

Medicaid is a joint federal and state based program that along with CHIP insures nearly 71million Americans. The 2010 Affordable Care Act allowed the states to expand Medicaid and though the income is currently 133% of FPL (Federal Poverty Level) there are significant other ways to obtain coverage under Medicaid. Unlike CHIP which is for children up to age 19, Medicaid is a family plan. The income standard is national but there are individual differences by state and you should contact the office or department that administers your state program.

The third option is through The Marketplace that offers ACA compliant programs for individual’s families and even some health insurance just for child coverage. These programs offer a mandated level of care. ACA compliant coverage is available on a number of levels from bronze to platinum which are based on deductible and out of pocket expenses. Subsidies assist people who qualify based on income and help to pay the premiums for these plans.

There are some other child only health insurance options available but they are likely not ACA compliant and will not offer the level of care that any of the previously mentioned plans do. CHIP or Medicaid plans are likely to provide physicians and coverage state-wide. ACA Marketplace programs may be geographically based and you will need to select a plan that serves the area in which you reside.

At ConsumerCoverage you can obtain health insurance quotes for child only with ACA compliant programs from The Marketplace as well as open enrollment periods and subsidy information. For Medicaid and CHIP programs contact the state office that administers those programs in your state of residence. In both of the joint federal state programs there may be some difference in qualification state to state and the CHIP program requires yearly renewal.

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