by on February 23, 2021
White tea is one of the most sensitive tea because it is slightly processed. It is harvested before the leaves of the plant are fully open so the young shoots are still covered with white hairs. That is why it is called white tea which is great with pumpkin pie, too. Carefully processed white tea contains a lot of antioxidants, actually keeping a higher amount of antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants are very important for our health because they protect our cells from being damaged by free radicals. Free injuries can have serious side effects and are linked to weakened immune systems, premature aging, chronic inflammation, weakened immune systems and other diseases… Do not say that white tea has a light light taste or it is an eggnog, as it will also treat your taste buds. I discovered white tea while researching how natural collagen is produced naturally. I found that white tea is the leading ingredient in collagen and elastin extracts. As many women know that collagen is very beneficial for the skin and prevents it from aging. But that is not all. Also: Reduces the risk of heart disease Low cholesterol levels It helps with body temperature and strength It disinfects germs and destroys the bacteria that cause cavities in the teeth It can help treat diabetes Reduce the risk of cancer Help increase bone strength Reduce inflammation Improve the health of the digestive system And there is definitely a lot to it. But this should help you to understand why you should start drinking white tea. And it is very easy to drink white tea. You need one cup of water and two teaspoons of white tea / one bag of tea Heat boiling water Let cool for a few minutes before pouring white tea Allow to set for 1-3 minutes or according to instructions Serve :)
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