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by on February 24, 2021
The outbreak of COVID-19 also known as coronavirus spreads like wildfire and the effects of it are felt within all industries. Public gatherings, as well as conferences, have been canceled and travel plans are being delayed. Many businesses feel the effects of the outbreak both in a positive and a negative way. Transport companies, restaurants along with the fast-food industry suffer from a dramatic decrease in customers. On the other hand, industries that produce soap, hand sanitizer, and bleach are blooming as customers stock up on supplies. The real estate industry has not remained untouched by the epidemic, but it still remains one of the most attractive investment offerings. The effects of the virus on the real estate market in the USA is a mixed bag of positive and negative outcomes. Keep your eyes open for new investment opportunities that can bring significant long-term gains. While coronavirus is spreading at a rapid pace it cannot beat the speed at which these real estate trends are spreading. Also, more in-depth information related to real estate can be found on real estate related sites such as, which constantly come up with trendy articles about real estate in the US. Here are some of the most looked-upon real estate trends in the upcoming years that you should look out for.

ESG a sustainable trend in real estate

With more than 36% millennials saying that real estate is the best long-term investment option, according to a recent study more than 55% of millennials factor ESG policies in their investment decisions. Environmental, social and governmental principles or ESG is an ever-growing trend that affects the investment decision making in multiple areas. These three key factors represent a way of measuring sustainability as well as the ethical impact of an investment. This trend is impacting investment on a global scale and it affects multiple companies and businesses not only the real estate landscape. We see the population becoming more environmentally aware and over the year this is going to impact the real estate market as well. As a result, people are looking for ways to minimize waste as well as pollution, are being more aware of climate change and resource depletion. Eco-friendly homes will be trending and more people will be looking for green build building material. The social criteria focuses on social aspects that make for a healthy or unhealthy community. As far as the real estate market goes, investors will focus on cities that promote diversity, offer a healthy as well as a safe environment, and developed job markets. Investors will be looking at aspects such as family-friendly environments, the median age of the population as well as ethnical composition. Governance is focusing on local or national authority in the field in order to optimize investments for targeted areas. Here we include the tax strategy, the political scene featured in a community if there is any corruption involved at a governmental level, as well as the board structure and diversity. These are all factors that impact the real estate market as well, therefore, we see more people growing awareness toward these aspects, further influencing the choices they make in terms of housing.

Technology featured in housing trends

Innovation in terms of technology impacts multiple industries and it includes the real estate industry as well. As far as 2020 goes the real estate market will see more smart home tech as an answer to the technological revolution that we are witnessing in the new decade. We are also seeing an increase in high-tech companies that serve the real estate sector. The housing market is starting to adopt new technology, such as apps, smart home technologies as well as online selling platforms. Now real estate investments are just one click away and can easily be made from the comfort of your own home. Simplifying the transaction processes is the main focus of this niche and technological solutions for property and asset managers are aiming to enhance productivity as well as efficiency. Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the evolution of the real estate market. Building designs, organization, and management are all factors taken into consideration and AI will help in urban planning, design, and many other areas.

Real Estate investing will continue to increase

The increasing number of investments in the real estate industry is a trend that is continually spreading and as the years go by, more and more people place their capital into real estate. Some US cities experience a higher increase in investment opportunities than others in terms of real estate. Some of the best cities in the USA for real estate investments are encouraging more investors to pour money into the industry. Domestic institutions are continuously increasing their net holding in real estate, therefore, the enhanced domestic activity is one of the reasons for the increasing investment flow to the industry. Also, as we mentioned the technological innovations brought to the industry, boosts property management capabilities and will result in growth for this sector.


Some of the best long-term investments are held in the real estate sector. This spreading real estate trends will continue to attract more investors that will pour money in real estate. These growing real estate trends are determining a shift in preferences for home buyers therefore, investments, as well as future development, should aim to please buyers. If you invested in real estate for high profits along the line, then these real estate trends will show you where the market place is heading towards. Find a real estate agent in the field that will help you further expand your investment portfolio. If you agree with this spreading real estate trends then we would like for you to share this article on your social media accounts.
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