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by on February 25, 2021

The Diesel particulate filter or DPF is built into your car to reduce the air pollution that is caused by the exhaust gases. But there are many occasions where it can get clogged and not work properly. This can result in black smoke and an overall reduction of performance. DPF removal is a procedure where the DPF filter is removed and deleted from the car’s system. Please remember that DPF removal is illegal and is only intended for off-road use. In this article, we will see the advantages of DPF removal that is done by reprogramming the ECU unit of your car

1.      Increase in Performance

Removing the DPF is a good way to increase the overall performance of your vehicle. Removal of the DPF results in smoother acceleration and reduces the temperature of the exhaust to provide even better performance. By removing the DPF, you can use the engine at its full potential. After DPF removal, you will experience better drivability and an overall smoother experience.

2.      Increase in Mileage

DPF removal also gives you better mileage by reducing the workload on the engine. Since the exhaust gases are being removed readily, there isn’t any trapped gas in the exhaust which makes the engine run at its full power. This increases fuel efficiency and provides better mileage. It can sometimes be very frustrating when your car remapping is consuming excessive fuel and even changing to better engine oil doesn’t work. Chances are, your DPF is holding you back. Removing the DPF will show better results right away.

3.      Get Rid of Frustrating DPF Problems

DPF soot can be built over time if the required regeneration is not provided to the filter. This results in DPF clogging and can be very frustrating to deal with. The soot buildup can increase over time and result in bad performance and black smoke. Removing the DPF solves these problems once and for all. If you are intending to get rid of DPF related problems, consult DPF removal near me. DPF removal can also result in a reduction of any repair costs that you might have to pay if the clogged filter damages other components of your car’s engine.

4.      Discreet Removal

DPF removal is illegal under UK law because of the concerns arising from the UK’s contribution to greenhouse gases. But deleting the DPF by reprogramming the ECU is not illegal. DPF removal is also very discreet which means there is no way to detect if the DPF is removed just by visually examining the car. However, with that being said, it is only intended for off-road usage. If a DPF removal is detected during MOT, your car will fail the test.

5.      Saves Money

There are only two options when the DPF becomes clogged: replacement or removal. Considering how costly the DPF replacement is, it is better to just have it removed. This will save you around 1000 pounds.


There are many advantages of DPF removal. The best way to get rid of DPF is through reprogramming and deleting it in the ECU. Over the long run, it will save you a lot of money, increase the performance of your car, and reduce repair costs.

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