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SHEconomy, the World’s First Free E-commerce Platform for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Worldwide enabling them to create their own digital store, to sell and market their Goods & Services, now proudly announces to launch their social community group where women can interact with their likeminded peers and share their thoughts, experience among a group on social media too. This online women –led community group, provides the online marketing platform where you can easily find and engage with women entrepreneurs globally. “Joining the group will speed-up women’s connection building to engage, share choices, have discussions, exhibit their businesses; provide feedbacks, circulate posts, make their pages and groups, get acknowledgement and find peer-to-peer association and support”, says its proud founder Dr. Harbeen Arora.

Digitalization and E-commerce ecosystem is creating a vast variety of new opportunities for entrepreneurship but Current gender imbalances like gaps in entrepreneurial skills, nonexistence of developed social networks for female businesses, lesser number of female mentors or role models of entrepreneurship and prevalence of financial limitations keep women away from identifying and pursuing those entrepreneurial opportunities. If women are to realize their full potential in the digital age, the SHEconomy Community can effectively address the needs of new digital social interaction of women.

This online female e-comm. community is a growing sensation now as the women has stretched their prospects be it entrepreneurship; funding; product selling; tech info or any other space or services. Through this revolutionary online community you can also participate in discussions.

SHEconomy Community empowers women led businesses for showcasing and selling goods and services by women entrepreneurs, owners and partners across a variety of verticals, sectors and categories, and from all over the world with a Motto- By Women, for All. A broadened community for B2B2C platform: with both commerce and connections, it not only enables women entrepreneurs to associate with customers and clienteles globally; but also connect them to other women owned businesses and services as potential partners and collaborators.

The Sheconomy Community contributes towards how companies are responding to the pandemic with practices that support gender equality. The developing group aim to curb inequalities women are facing as the pandemic fundamentally transformed the world of work.

During this critical time, this group will definitely impacting women’s economic empowerment : well-being and mental health, flexibility, equal access to business ideas for women and use of digital technologies and platforms and strengthens support for women –led businesses.

“Women plays a key-role as mediators for developing economies and power economical structures if given proper guidance, support, platform and opportunities”, further added Dr.Harbeen.

The needs laid by the Digital era of businesses required a common online platform for women entrepreneurs to become decision-makers in education, health and other vital public programs with women fully included in all aspects of those considerations and Sheconomy Community provides one such medium to collaborate.

The need is to set a new framework for women’s leadership and inclusion in all aspects for which a joint and undistracted effort is needed. Despite the contributions in other areas women still need to make their mark in spite of impossible odds, it is not because they are given the space and the opportunity, but because they are otherwise excluded from technological innovations. Women’s participation also makes economies more stable because, with their input, progress go beyond the realm of power to the realities of businesses.

COVID-19 is another exacerbating pressure points in women’s lives. Women’s employment is disproportionate as compared to men; so they now are opting more for women entrepreneurship and that on e-commerce platforms majorly. The digital revolution unlocks new doors of opportunity for their goal of gender equality. This could improve female participation in economic life and enhance the economic and social autonomy of women bypassing some traditional and mobility barriers, especially in evolving and developing countries. Digital technologies could support women explore new markets, work flexibly and distantly, receive training and deliver mentoring, improve financial sovereignty for their ventures. Second, women possess greater social skills, which works wonders on labor markets in the digital age. Such social skills are useful for a heightened sense of responsibility towards the wider community, great empathy, real communication and a greater readiness to acclimatize to changing circumstances.

This Community group will strongly position the women to sustain peace, overcome the climate crisis, recover from this pandemic, and grow digitally to attain heights. Thus “it truly represents a transformative opportunity for a more peaceful, sustainable and equitable world”, she added.

About SHEconomy:

SHEconomy follows the vision of “Every woman a Businesswoman,” with a Mission to empower and enable women entrepreneurs to “Sell, Scale, Succeed, Sustain, Serve”, on both Ecommerce platform for B2B and B2c Business models.

SHEconomy is brought to you by: ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF): translating a Powerful Global Network into a Powerful Global Marketplace.

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