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by on February 26, 2021

If you want to enjoy your career and fly to different places without paying a penny for traveling, the air hostess is certainly a great option for you. If you were already dreaming of becoming an air hostess then you must immediately look for a good air hostess training institute in Kolkata.

Most of the young people who are about to start their career, when asked about their aspirations and desires, the answers are pretty common. They dream of becoming an air hostess. Being and working as an air hostess can offer a completely unique and rewarding experience to the candidates.

Air hostesses are blessed with several professional advantages that include traveling across the globe, meeting famous personalities and people from different cultures, enjoying great accommodation, and earning a handsome salary by the end of the month.

If it comes to its advantages then certainly the list will keep growing higher but as we all know, “With great power comes great responsibilities”.

Indeed, when you qualify to work as an air hostess for an airline, you are actually showcasing the brand name and hence you have to take up some of the most challenging tasks. It is not easy, and definitely not like you have been dreaming from the rose-tinted glass - you have put your hard work to become better in your career.

Air hostesses are the personalities who are provided by the aircraft to take proper care of the passengers traveling. The safety and security of the passengers is in your hand. You might have to put your life at risk just to make sure that the passengers are safe and that’s the major agenda of this job role.

Therefore, if you have been dreaming of becoming an air hostess, not only you need to start taking the air hostess training but also keep growing your knowledge to improve the chances of working as an air hostess.

Let us have an in-depth discussion of this job profile:

Air hostesses are also referred to as stewardesses or flight attendants who are responsible to ensure the comfort and safety of the passenger. They are here to make safety checks of the flights and aid passengers in deplaning. They are the face of the airline and therefore, they need to have the technical knowledge as well just to make sure that they are able to handle some extraordinary situations.

What are their on-ground responsibilities?

Some of the most common on-ground duties of air hostesses include:

· Maintain the hygiene and cleanliness in toilets before the flight
· Making sure that the medical emergency kit is ready in airplane before the flight
· Greeting each and every passenger, helping them while loading their luggage, check the tickets and help them to sit comfortably on their seat
· Making sure that the flight has enough meal for the passengers onboard
· Informing passengers about the emergency equipment and exits
· During takeoff, the air hostesses need to ensure that all the eating trays have been closed and windows are open
· Providing information to the pilots about the time when the aircraft is ready to fly

What are the inflight duties?

· You are responsible to make an announcement
· You have to serve beverages and meals to the passengers
· You can sell the free-duty products
· You have to stay prepared about handling any kind of medical emergencies
· Making sure that the passengers are wearing our seat belts
· During the situation, they need to ensure all the passengers are out of the plane

What are their after-flight responsibilities?

· Making a complete list of lost and found products
· Check the duty-free products
· Check the stock and cash left post landing

What are the scopes of air hostesses?

Air hostess career is certainly a choice that needs consistent development of skills like getting advanced training, learning new languages and so that you can go ahead and look for promotions. Most commonly their ladder will be something like this:

Senior Air Hostess
Lead Air Hostess
Check Air Hostess
Base Manager
In-flight operation manager
If they are willing to, they have the freedom to switch from one to other departments like risk management or human resources upon getting the required training.

Facts about Air Hostess:

The air hostess training can be the toughest thing that you have possibly done:

As it has been mentioned and we know by now that the air hostess is one of the most responsible cabin crew members who need to handle multiple responsibilities. This is the reason why the air hostess training offered by the best air hostess training institute is extremely strict and challenging. This is because they need to have adverse knowledge of the process before they are going on-board.

You have to learn a lot of things along with providing them. You will assess your memory, risk evaluation skills, dexterity, patience, use of routine, ability to handle tough times and make tough decisions and follow instructions and procedures.

The air hostesses have the knowledge of surviving in extreme conditions:

As mentioned, air hostess training offered by the air hostess training institute is tough and they are designed in a way that they acquire comprehensive knowledge on the way to survive in extreme conditions.

Some of these conditions include plane crash to hijacking. Every one of us understands that surviving in extreme conditions requires skills and air hostesses are offered the skill. They have the knowledge of gathering food, creating shelters, finding drinking water, and attracting people for help to ensure that the passengers are completely safe.

All the airlines are not looking for similar things:

If you are getting trained from an air hostess training in Kolkata, you must know that you will be trained in a specific way to meet the requirements of a specific airline. If you think that the same will work for another airline, you must make proper research once again.

There is a need for candidates to select the airline company first and then get training accordingly.

You need to have the ability to handle medical emergencies:

There might be a situation where you need to deliver a baby on board. Yes, you are reading it right!

The air hostesses are more than just someone offering safety and security but they are also responsible to take care of medical emergencies. It might happen that a mother is about to give birth to a baby and it is up to the air hostess to handle the situation.

The air hostess training will consist of ways to handle medical emergencies.

Indeed, challenging but that’s how the air hostesses are trained.

A big no to weight gain:

Air hostesses have such a strict decorum to maintain that even when they crave to eat something, they are not able to every time. This is because they are not allowed to gain weight. They are only allowed to stay fit and look good and therefore even if someone gains a pound, they will be given a month to burn the added calories and stay within the limit.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common things that you have to have knowledge of before you choose to become an air hostess. Now you can choose the air hostess institute to be able to get the training that can become valuable to your needs.

So choose the best air hostess training institute in Kolkata and start walking on the paths of your dream.

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