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Change Control
What are SOPs?

The main roles of the change control software management of various departments. Would like to manage the back of the house or manage Operation to have a standard within the organization. And big corporations would want to reach the international standard. Therefore, in the preparation of SOPs of large organizations that are international. Therefore, there are references to information from the parent company abroad.

Why are SOPs required?

What are the operating standards for? The answer is "to reduce errors in operations."

SOP is a document that introduces various operating methods. In order for the organization to operate properly and all in the same direction. By specifying clear operational procedures And can be developed as appropriate for each department and organization To produce practical results.

The main objective of the SOP is to reduce misoperation. And can be used as an organization's guideline in managing operational procedures to be standardized.

An example of SOP for 1 job, for example, in the event of a power outage, what should be done in order to continue the operation?

Brainstorming for SOPs is imperative in an organization. Especially in organizations where entrepreneurs want their employees to work together in a systematic way.

Writing performance standards or SOPs

The aim of writing a standard of performance is to describe a quality control document, such as a document on operational standards. Operational procedures, etc., regarding the composition, structure, content, so that the quality document is unified. The document should provide detailed procedures for performing consistent operations throughout the organization. Documents may contain.

General SOPs refer to the performance standards for various management. To support Operation, which if any organization works as Project Base and SOPs of the organization may be written as an overview for every project.

Instrument SOP refers to the performance standards for the method of use and maintenance of instruments. That are within the organization.

The documents in SOPs should at least contain:

change control

Work Instruction refers to the operational procedures.

Card file refers to a method of operation excerpted from the Core Performance Standards. To facilitate quick compliance at the management software, it may be made in any form suitable for use, such as nameplate, poster, etc.

Performance record worksheet refers to a record used to record information from operations according to the standard of operation.

Form means a record used to record information from the performance of an operating procedure. And other data records which may not be used in performing procedures or standards.

Log Book A log book is a document that records detailed operational details.

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