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“SHEconomy empowers women sellers across the globe to avail the benefit of e-commerce ecosystem; hence, it emerged as a hub that encourages women entrepreneurship and empowerment. It connects women sellers across the world for B2B & B2C business models.”

Digital empowerment played a significant role to inspire women sellers to unveil their potential and break the gender stereotypes with a step. They are aimed to grow and expand their business through e-commerce ecosystem SHEconomy. At this global platform, they are encouraged to become an essential part of the global economy. E-commerce technology and social media penetration created a pool of opportunities for women entrepreneurs. It has enabled them to meet the buyers and come closer to their competitors without indulging into a physical shop, advertisement and boundaries issue. It has opened doors and windows for women sellers to conduct business over the internet without investment.

“After the launch of SHEconomy, this e-commerce ecosystem has received an overwhelming response from the women sellers across the globe. We are glad to announce that SHEconomy is moving ahead to encourage women entrepreneurship and empowerment globally and converted into an online marketing platform run by women sellers” said Founder, Harbeen Arora.

Digital empowerment has emboldened women entrepreneurship and empowerment that significantly supports economies of the world. It doesn’t make them financially independent but also supported economic development and social well-being of the society. It’s true; a successful woman benefits not only her family but also play a vital role in the economic development of the society and nation. Considerably, the time has changed and technological innovation and development inspired them to be a part of the e-commerce ecosystem. They have come forward to unfold their hidden potential with SHEconomy.

Women were lagging behind men and relatively it was affecting their self-esteem. It was due to the absence of economic opportunities and family responsibilities have enforced them to stay behind. E-commerce technology has backed the women entrepreneurship and empowerment and encouraged them to be a part of SHEconomy. It brings online business ideas for women's empowerment and supports them to expand their business in every nook and corner. This portal of online business for women has allowed them to grow and connect with millions of B2C customers and B2B clients. From fashion to the kitchen, home furnishing to essential services, they have diverse options to serve their global target audience and grow unbelievably. It also proffers them an opportunity to compare and manage their prices competitively. Easy and safe payment mode ensures them not to worry about any financial crisis.

E-commerce is growing rapidly and brings the world on an online marketing platform to meet buyer and sellers vice versa. This new vista of business opportunity has enabled women sellers to be a successful women woman. Its flexibility brings a great sense of financial independence among them to grow phenomenally without touching the boundaries. It allows them to work from home or their place that doesn’t need overhead cost. It has eliminated the barriers women sellers have to face. No doubt, constant growth of e-commerce has brought them to play an influential role to drive their business. It has provided them with an opportunity to start and organize their own business. Emerged as the best tool, SHEconomy has resolved the issues they used to face earlier. Now, they can easily participate equally in the existing markets and control their business activities solely. From household to international institutions, they came forward as an equal parity.

About SHEconomy

Virtual workplace SHEconomy created for women entrepreneurs helped them to achieve a work-life balance. It will help them to work as per their conditions and manage work schedules as per their need. They require digital tools to connect with their potential customers and clients with less focus on a strict schedule. Reduced costs and increased productivity with no time restrictions came up as the advantages of SHEconomy portal. This online portal for women sellers integrates all applications, information, processes and marketing strategies, requires running a business smoothly. They can easily access this e-commerce portal for product listing, process the order and communicate with their customers and B2B clients. This easy-to-operate ecommerce platform for women entrepreneurs lets them manage their business effectively from any device and location.

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