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by on March 8, 2021
If you take a second to reflect we are just changing screens from office screens, to tablet, to phone or the TV, and with 3.2billion smartphone users, 1.14billion tablet users, and 1.96million apps in the google play store with every individual picking up their devices every 4minutes of the day (stats of 2020), we are sure to be called as ‘digitized individuals’.

Changing screens, substituting one app for another has become more prominent than ever. With the uncertainty that shadowed us, the new-age app came to embrace us.

But are they causing a nuisance to your PC? The program you forgot you downloaded ages ago but never used can give birth to Bloatware in your PC which translates to the program and the apps that you never asked for but yet came with the apps you must’ve installed.


In the era of social distancing, video conferences, meetings, classes through Zoom have become a necessary part of every individual's life in various fields. The upside of Zoom is that it provides many features such as content screen sharing, audio-video calls, recording, annotation, messaging host up to 500participants, 40minutes long calls, and overall an ideal solution for many small/larger/medium companies for a one-on-one meeting. The downside of this platform however is that there is inconsistent cloud file size there are many instances that a file gets larger than it supposed to be, plus the platform is not strictly limited to browser control, as it uses the computer's resources to handle video and audio processing, resulting in the CPU getting hot and screen lagging. This can be quite a problem for those who are limited on space and have poor internet connections.

However, the Zoom optimization suggests using fewer bandwidth activities, lowering the resolution, and synchronizing cloud storage. But it does not necessarily solve the problems.


Spotify is a popular music software that lets you listen to your favorite artist. Spotify is not only a music platform now. As it has been expanding its branches with more content and features and being available to many countries. More users come across high CPU usage issues with the Spotify app, and they can barely find a way to fix the prThere is a Spotify cache that stores a temporary version of the music that you listen to and even fragments of your tracks. Many people have come with a problem with Spotify that it uses too much memory from their computer.

Other than that there are Fitness apps, Gaming, and Productivity applications that are responsible for keeping your PC freeze and your productivity lag. These are some new-age apps that are important to many but contain a hogging PC memory mechanism, There must be 1 app in your disk space that has not received attention, for some years. The best way is to cure this is to uninstall them if they are not in use and think before you download and invest in software that can clean up your caches, delete background running programs etcetera. IGS Cleaner is the Best PC Cleaner Software that maintains your Pc overall health, by cleaning up the redundant caches and letting you know which program is eating up your important space.
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