by on March 9, 2021

There are good charts showing the best performances by age, but most people can never come even close to those times, read how to run as per my age . At age 10 a good mile is an 7 minute mile. A great mile is a 6 minute mile At age 12 a good mile is a 6 minute mile . A great mile is a 5 minute mile. By 14 you will see the really good runners well under 5 minutes with about 10 seconds improvement each year until about 17 or 18. From there most boys peak and never get too much better.

The really great runners continue and a very few go under 4 minutes for a mile. A handful of runners in the entire world will run at a 3:50 or under in the mile How fast you should run is a personal thing and relates to natural talent and how hard you are willing to work, sacrifice and hurt. In a mile 99.9% is your ability and .1% is how bad you want it!

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