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by on March 17, 2021
Small Size Custom Acrylic Lucite End Table Study Room Use
Product classification: Custom Acrylic Lucite End Table.
Brand: Able;
Sample: 3-7 working days;
Product name: Small Size Custom Acrylic Lucite End Table Study Room Use;
Size: L44cm*W29cm*H52cm or customized;
Color: crystal clear or customized;
Structure: stndard structure;
Detailed structure adjust: available;
Design: by Able;
Application: home use in study room, meeting room, waiting room, etc.
Small size custom acrylic lucite end table study room use. Transparent appearance, two layers. Suitable to place books, documents and writing on it.
Available in color, appearance and structure redesign.
Suitable for home use in study room, reading room, waiting rooms, etc.
Simple but stylish appearance, aesthetic and functional.
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