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by on March 18, 2021

Today, people are smart. They know the steps that one should take to get into the limelight without burning a lot of money as well as time. In business, a multitude of things needs to be advertised in more than one ways. For example, if the owner of a burger café wants to add a new item in the menu or introduce a bombastic deal, he will have to go for flyers to get the word spread all-around within a time window. Similarly, if there is going to be a big concert of the most favourite singer, then printing a standard pull-up banner in Sydney is the way to go to attract people on large scales.

Benefits of High-Grade Standard Pull-up Banner in Sydney

Freestanding and lightweight standard pull up banners are not only useful for calling out audience to a concert instead they are equally super amazing for conferences, presentation and seminars as they don’t take up enough space around your both. These marketing tools are an incredible option to showcase and tell people about your product, brand, or ide in a short period. If you still want to know what bare the various uses of standard pull up banners.


Let’s take a look what makes a standard pull up banner unique from other marketing options.

1.      Convenience

In contrast to other advertising options, pull-up banners are very easy to assemble, detach and store away until the next use.

2.      Durability

No matter how intense sun shines, the wind blows or raindrops, these banners are able to withstand the severity of natural actions. They stay intact due to the quality material incorporated in their making.

3.      Portable

Since they are lighter in weight and featured with compact design, they can be transported from one location to another very easily.

4.      Spread Awareness and Recognition

 Whether you are planning on putting these to use, standard pull up banner is an amazing tool to tell what you want to message. It attracts people at one glance providing recognition to your company instantly.


  • In a local market,a pull up banner is used to stand out from the rests by marketing your products on a stall.
  • These banners are a great way to launch and advertise your new products. These free-standing banners are specially used in gatherings and celebration to attract more people freely
  • If your shop is located in a congested area or shopping mall and you have a special on at the moment. For in-store promotions, choosing a pull-up banner will make it easier to grab people’s attention.
  • They help you with sponsoring a school or sports event effectively.Having a pull up banner stand will help you gain a lot of brand recognition with the like-minded people.
  • They are equally useful for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pull Up Banner Size

Pull up banners are designed in various dimensions, qualities and for different purposes. Generally, four types of banners are in common use.

1)     Table top banner stands

These are significantly smaller than other types of banners. They are customized to the specification of other components and work exceptionally well for displaying notices, dates and information on reception desks and demonstration counters. It means they are popular to use in schools, hospitals, hostels, colleges and universities.

2)     Standard pull up banners

These are the most accurate banner stands which measure 2m high and between 800mm to 1000mm wide. They work best to roll and stand in exhibition spaces and, foyer or reception areas and the most popular choice.

3)     Large format roller banners

These are the biggest size of pull up banner measuring from 850mm to 2000mm in widths. The large format display banners offer added graphic space to add a class your brand exposure in high traffic areas.

4)     Tall roller banners

These are three metres tall. In widths ranging from 850mm to 2m they commonly used in high footfall places such as at business expos and annual exhibitions as they stand at least a metre above most other display stand solutions. They are ideal for display on taller buildings because tall roller banners rapidly enhance your brand awareness and drive traffic to your stand.

Flag printing

Generally, big companies offer two types of flag printing in Sydney. Let us have a look at them.

¦  Screen Printing

With this type of printing, you will have the opportunity to get flexible design options and finishes in very vibrant colours.

Screen printing particularly works best for the organizations and event where orders in large quantities are completed. It is a very cost-effective option.

Boons of screen printing module;

  • No minimum on large flags
  • For large orders, this is a price-efficient option
  • All materials are screen printed
  • It is adorned with characteristic colour finishes
  • Printed with PMS (Pantone) colours
  • 100% bleed through to the back

¦  Digital Print / Dye Sublimation

In addition to screen printing, some companies also offer dye sublimation module for flag printing.

This printing process uses latest technology that creates sharp and sparkling results.

This is beneficial in various aspects such as,

  • No Setup Fees
  • You can start from any quantity hence no minimum
  • Super- fast turnaround
  • Work best for multifaceted styles and HD photos
  • Dye sublimation is perfect for small orders such as one or two
  • Full colour printing process that creates deep and striking colours
  • CMYK printing process is used with PMS colours
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