Amaara Sheikh
by on March 18, 2021
You cannot watch a movie or TV series whether without watching the characters drink their routine coffee or tea whether it's the infamous 'Friends' series unfolding at the coffee shop or the legendary scene where Audrey opens 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with a coffee in hand. We'll, real life isn't so far off. We all need a good wake-up coffee or tea in the morning and there's nothing like drinking it in your favourite cups. But if there's even a little bit chance you haven't found 'the cup' checkout these minimal pastel coloured cups from Thevasa and revamp your high-tea routine.

These ceramic cups are not only intriguingly plain yet beautiful but are functional because of how easy it is to clean them.

Even cups as beautiful as these may carry a stubborn stain left behind by the insistent sipping of the early morning coffee or tea. Cleaning these stains is an equally tiring task. Irrespective of whether they are used for tea or coffee, these cups and the staining problem is something we have been facing for ages without escape. Even those brown rings we are all too familiar with may leave a gnawingly yellow tint ruining your special crockery in spite of the thorough cleaning.

Who would like to sip the drink of their soul in a stained cup? Moreover, if you were to serve tea or coffee to your guest, just how unpresentable would these tainted coffee mugs or tea cups look?

With all these things to take care off, how would you keep your cups and mugs spotless and intact for years to come? Here's how you could stand tall against these stains and keep your crockery clean.

Before we begin, let's understand why these cups get stained in the first place to tackle the problem from its roots.
Most often your cups are victim to these brown stains caused by coffee or tea. These stains get tougher and harder to remove if you move towards black coffee or black tea. Not do they not only stain the cups but practically everything they touch from your clothes to your teeth.

That doesn't explain why it is so hard to get rid of them. Lending to a process called polymerization where two or more molecules react together to result in another rather big molecule. Your coffee or tea reacts with oxygen and the longer you leave these in your cups or mugs the higher there is a chance of polymerization that stains your cups.

Now that we know it's a time sensitive task, it's important to tackle these brown marks at the right time so they don't keep growing and all you are left with are these horrid looking stained cups.

Let's quickly get to these easy homemade tricks that you could use to fight those brown stains from your favourite coffee mugs and tea cups.

Vinegar and salt

This is as effective as it comes and very easy to use in spite of sounding like a weird duo. All you have to do is wet the insides of your coffee/tea cup and with vinegar and sprinkle some salt over it. Scrub it until you see the stains getting removed and once you are done wash the cup thoroughly so that there is no smell of vinegar affecting the taste of your coffee or tea the next day.

Baking Soda

It's one of the best ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. It's easily available, cheap and is versatile which is why it works wonders when it comes to cleaning. It's mild abrasive properties will get rid of all the brown stains while not damaging your crockery. You can simply wet the insides of your mugs and cups with cold water and put a thin layer of baking soda over it. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and let it work it's magic. Lightly scrub the cup before washing it thoroughly.


We all know it has cleaning properties and it's something you'll find in your kitchen.You might be familiar with many dishwashing detergents already making use of it in their products because it's not only effective but leaves a nice citrus fragrance after it. You can sprinkle some lemon juice directly over the stain and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rub with a dishcloth till the stains are removed. Wash your cup thoroughly after this.

How to prevent this stain from happening?

Now that you know how to clean these stains it doesn't mean you have to resort to that everytime. Instead you should try to avoid staining your cups as much as possible, it would save you a lot of time and effort plus it would increase the longevity of the cups and keep it as good as new for as long as possible.

Here's what you can do-

Rinse your cup the moment you finish your drink and scrub at the brown rings that are formed instantly so it doesn't leave a mark. Use a detergent and sponge to give it a nice scrub.
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